Friday, January 30, 2009

he did it! he did it!

Woo hoo!! I was content to not see this day for a long time... or possibly never see it. And keep in mind that our cutie pie doesn't even have his first physical therapy session until next week!!!

Yes, ladies and gentlemen.... Ethan crawled today!

It was soooo funny! Too bad no one else was here to see how pleased he was with himself. As he commando-crawled his way across our living room floor towards my purse. He was laughing and smiling with each scoot forward. It was hilarious! And I'm just so proud....

Just thought you'd like to know!

Oh, and guess what else. Adam has reserved me a night away tonight at a hotel down the road - hot tub & heated in-door pool, oh and room service included. Needless to say... music to my ears! Be sure I will be sleeping in - late - in the morning. YAY!!

He's the best.

Thursday, January 29, 2009


Thank you all so much for your sweet comments and emails regarding Ethan's birthday.... such an encouragement you are! As usual!

Ethan has his development evaluation yesterday, and I must say, he did quite well adjusting to the "stranger" in our house. She was able to observe him doing all his natural daily things, and I was really happy about that. He does qualify for their services, however, they seem to think that his aversion to eating is not a serious problem. It's more that he's in the "habit" of wanting the bottle, but he will self-feed a little as well. So the trick will be exposing him more often during the day to finger foods and pull back (a little tough love) on the amount of formula he takes in a day. The pediatric therapist has tips for this, as well as for his motor skills that are slightly delayed (crawling, standing). We start his first therapy session next week, and it will continue once a week until we feel satisfied.

I've been a bit distracted this week, which is probably why you haven't heard from me much. Have you ever had reason to try and reconcile your gratitude for all things in your life, with your disgruntled feelings of how monotonous your life is? Well, that's my best way to describe this mood I'm in. I am so very thankful. But also so very apathetic towards the same things/routines, day after day after day. It's a strange thing. Loving Heaven's blessings but wanting the human joys as well. A friend suggested that it is probably something along the lines of this whole past year, finally catching up to me, and my needing to "check out" from it all. Not that I would trade my position as Ethan's mom for anything in the world! But, I don't quite understand my life. Or better, my role in my life. At this point, it's not exactly what I thought it might be. But then again, I can't say I don't have everything I've always wanted. Aside from being so extremely blessed to be with my son, loving him, playing with him on a daily basis... I need an outlet. A tangible one.

Well, I'm sure I've lost most of you by now with my incoherent ramblings, so let's just chalk it up to a bad mood. It's okay to admit that we have them. It's okay to admit that they may even last a few days. And it's okay to admit, though we never would!, that we enjoy feeling sorry for ourselves. Giving us the excuse to not have to deal with the issue that's really bothering us, content to simply say "I'm in a bad mood" or "I'm having a bad day". Like that justifies everything. Choosing not paying attention to the fact that we eventually have to snap out of it and get to the root of the problem.

Well, Ethan's crying.....and I see that's he's ripped his bandage off his central line in his chest (don't worry, just the bandage, easily fixable).... so it looks like dealing with my bad mood will have to take a backseat to taking care of my little boy.

Hmm. That's too bad.


Monday, January 26, 2009

party time!

What fun was had Friday night! We celebrated Ethan's first birthday with a party at our home that evening. Since he's still on isolation restrictions due to his immune system still in the "healing process", we could only invite over both sets of grandparents... which was good, actually, because I think a house full of people would have scared the birthday boy... he's not used to seeing that many bodies in our living room all at the same time! But, we had a blast.....

Ethan loves Baby Einstein videos, so we went with a "Baby Einstein" theme for the big day! And yes, mommy did go overboard with a large banner that says "Happy 1st Birthday, Ethan". But really, who can blame me... *wink wink*
This was Ethan's cake.... we adults had our own Carvel cake & ice cream cupcakes!
A lovely Boston Red Sox themed gift basket.... very nice!

Yummy tissue paper... we opened presents first.... little did he know that icing would soon be replacing the delicious wrapping paper.

I ended up opening the rest of the presents while Ethan watched in amazement.... He made out better than he did at Christmas?!? Wow. And alot of these gifts (and others not included in this pic!) were from other friends and family... you guys are great!

Time for cake.... I'll let the pictures speak for themselves.... this was by far my favorite part!!! SO MUCH FUN!!

Oh, and little E wasn't the only one who ended up with tasty icing on their face....

After a quick sponge bath, Ethan decided he'd found two more toys to add to his collection....

Happy First Birthday, Baby! We love you so very, very much.


"The LORD is your keeper; The LORD is your shade at your right hand. The sun shall not strike you by day, nor the moon by night. The LORD shall preserve you from all evil; He shall preserve your soul. The LORD shall preserve your going out and your coming in from this time forth, and even forevermore." - Psalm 121:5-8

Friday, January 23, 2009

happy birthday, sweet baby boy

One year ago today, you arrived....

We took you home shortly after, amazed at this little person who had completely changed our lives in such an instant....
The weeks went by and we began to see fully grasp the miracle that we had been blessed with...

Loving you.... getting to know you....

And... little did we know that we'd not get to witness one miracle through your life.... but two.

You've taught us so much, sweet Ethan. Through you, our beautiful little boy, God has taught us all so much. And here you are... one year old. I remember this day last year with such perfect description. I remember this whole first year of your life that same way. Your life is so very special. We will always know that. And we want you to know how you have forever changed our lives. Beautiful, beautiful ways that we've only just begun to know. Happy Birthday, Sweet Boy.... And thanks be forever to the Lord....
..... For my heart rejoiced in all my labor; And this was my reward from all my labor. (Ecclesiastes 2:10)

Thursday, January 22, 2009

both appointments went well...

Mine and Ethan's :-)

I saw my doc this morning, and all is fairly normal in my world - no need to incriminate myself to you with regard to pointless details such as weight or my need for more vitamins. However, I was very happy to learn about some prescription migraine medicine.

So, let's move on to more important information, Ethan's appointment yesterday went fabulously well! It's confirmed. He no longer needs to be seen weekly. Every two weeks is satisfactory. A further testament to the ongoing miracle. It's truly amazing... how well he's recovering. I could cry (scratch that, am crying) just thinking about it all. He's such a beautiful, healthy boy.....

Who happens to be turning ONE tomorrow! I'm speechless.... but I won't be later.... lots to say here, but it will have to wait for the big day.

Ethan wanted to say hi - he's looking up at me from he bouncer, reaching his hands up in the air.... I'm going to let him type a few words (no motherly intervention.... let's see what he has to say).

hyrtr7yuooioo gigituir8iritfb g jhm8hgggggggggggbb

Hmmm... lots of banging. He's a definite fan of the space bar. And food. So I better go feed him!

Talk to you all tomorrow! Oh and here's our cutie eating a snack yesterday, waiting for the doctor to come in. Don't ya just want to squeeze him!!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

hi there

I can't believe it's been 15 days since Ethan has had a check up from either Hartford or Boston. I've gotten out of the habit of taking him to the hospital! However, tomorrow we make our way to Boston to make sure he's still doing as good as he has been so far. Be in prayer for the appointment. Also say a prayer for me... I've been a little out of it these last few days. Going back and forth between a migraine attack and an overall "lousy" feeling. Not sure the culprit, though, I have a doctor's appointment for myself this Thursday. Needless to say, I'm overdue for a physical.... fun, fun.

I can't thank you enough for all your sweet words of encouragement and your kind, self-less prayers for our family. I can't express in the detail I'd like, how much God has used you to touch our lives through this "blog family" that has developed. And in just a couple of days, those of you who didn't know us before April 2008, will get to see glimpses of our little miracle's first few days of life! I can't believe it's already been a year.... almost!

Therefore, having been justified by faith,
we have peace with God
through our Lord Jesus Christ,
through Whom also we have access by faith
into this grace in which we stand,
and rejoice in hope
of the glory of God.
Romans 5:1-2

Sunday, January 18, 2009


Thank you all for your prayers for Ethan's evaluation on Friday.... however.... the two ladies weren't able to come. One lady woke up sick and didn't want to give any of her germs to Ethan (which I thought was very thoughtful of her!), so we had to reschedule for the 27th. I just asked God to take all your sweet prayers and apply them to his re-scheduled date :-)

Before I go, I thought I'd let you all take a peek into our little man's adventurous side. Friday morning, I took a second to grab myself a drink from the kitchen. When I left, Ethan was over here... on the far left side of our living room.

And when I came back, literally 30 seconds later, I found this!

I keep a basket of diapers downstairs so I don't have to run up to his room every time he needs a diaper change. Well, in the split second I was gone, he rolled himself to the far right side of our living room, over to the basket, pulled it down and was literally throwing the diapers out of it. He'd pull a diaper out and throw it behind him... & when he saw that I was back in the room, he paused, looked at me, and gave me a sheepish grin that just made me melt & then went back to making his mess. It was soooo funny! I laughed so hard. For a little tyke who doesn't crawl, he sure gets around!


Thankful for everything.... by the grace of God....

Friday, January 16, 2009

happy friday




I would appreciate your prayers for us today (as I always do!). We have a pediatric physical therapist and an occupational therapist coming over this afternoon to conduct an evaluation on Ethan's abilities/inabilities. Be in prayer that he will either qualify for early childhood intervention, or that if he doesn't, they will be able to give me tips and ideas on how to get him to further develop - especially in the area of eating. Pray also for Ethan's overall behavior. Not being able to be around people very much, I'm not sure how he will respond to having 2 strangers in the house. I'm just hoping he's responsive and has fun with everything.... as opposed to an hour long cry session.

Oh, and who knows what happens exactly one week from today??
Well, I'll tell ya! Next Friday (January 23) Ethan turns one year old!

Can you believe it?!?!?


For our heart shall rejoice in Him,
because we have trusted in His holy name.
Let Your mercy, O LORD, be upon us,
just as we hope in You.
Psalm 33:21-22