Friday, January 30, 2009

he did it! he did it!

Woo hoo!! I was content to not see this day for a long time... or possibly never see it. And keep in mind that our cutie pie doesn't even have his first physical therapy session until next week!!!

Yes, ladies and gentlemen.... Ethan crawled today!

It was soooo funny! Too bad no one else was here to see how pleased he was with himself. As he commando-crawled his way across our living room floor towards my purse. He was laughing and smiling with each scoot forward. It was hilarious! And I'm just so proud....

Just thought you'd like to know!

Oh, and guess what else. Adam has reserved me a night away tonight at a hotel down the road - hot tub & heated in-door pool, oh and room service included. Needless to say... music to my ears! Be sure I will be sleeping in - late - in the morning. YAY!!

He's the best.


Judy said...

Hi Kasey,
Wow have a wonderful time tonight. That is great about Ethan crawling. I hadn't kept up with you the last few months due to a computer problem and virus. Mrs. Antonis got me your address again and I have been catching up with your family. God has really been working. Enjoy tonight and enjoy being pampered/
Love and Prayers, Judy in NCforytog

Carrie Comstock said...

Way to go, Ethan!!! You'll have people clapping and cheering for you from all over! What a BIG boy! :)

Oh, and Kasey....enjoy yourself, my dear! That sounds like just what the doctor ordered for Momma! :D Way to go, hubby!

Lorri said...

Two awesome thing to celebrate!

Jenn Zegowitz said...

Don't count on sleeping in late. You think you will , but your body is trained to wake up when Ethan does. So even though you won't be with him you will wake up, but force yourself to go back to sleep. enjoy your night!!!!

Nancy said...

Way to go Ethan!!! I knew he would be doing it soon...just didn't expect this soon! :)

Enjoy your relaxing night; sounds like a wonderful break. :)

huntsouth said...

Jonathan always did an army crawl until he walked. Gotta avoid the low-flying ammo. Have fun keeping up with a whole new set of tactics from your little crawler. He'll be everywhere! Amy

Following Him said...

YAY Ethan :) What a big boy!!!

sara said...

Hooray for both of you! So glad to hear that Ethan has reached a monumental milestone in his life! Each of my boys took a different approach to crawling, I didn't think that there could be 4 versions - but praise God for individuality!
I am sooo excited for you! Have a wonderful evening. You have such a thoughtful honey. When I have had time to get "away", I have always felt so refreshed! Like I could be a better wife and mom, since I had taken some time to refocus. I will be praying for you!
Love and prayers,
Sara Rockensock
Phil. 4:8,11 & 19

Linsey said...

I know I am way late on this, but YEA ETHAN!!!!! I am so glad you guys are doing good!