Thursday, January 22, 2009

both appointments went well...

Mine and Ethan's :-)

I saw my doc this morning, and all is fairly normal in my world - no need to incriminate myself to you with regard to pointless details such as weight or my need for more vitamins. However, I was very happy to learn about some prescription migraine medicine.

So, let's move on to more important information, Ethan's appointment yesterday went fabulously well! It's confirmed. He no longer needs to be seen weekly. Every two weeks is satisfactory. A further testament to the ongoing miracle. It's truly amazing... how well he's recovering. I could cry (scratch that, am crying) just thinking about it all. He's such a beautiful, healthy boy.....

Who happens to be turning ONE tomorrow! I'm speechless.... but I won't be later.... lots to say here, but it will have to wait for the big day.

Ethan wanted to say hi - he's looking up at me from he bouncer, reaching his hands up in the air.... I'm going to let him type a few words (no motherly intervention.... let's see what he has to say).

hyrtr7yuooioo gigituir8iritfb g jhm8hgggggggggggbb

Hmmm... lots of banging. He's a definite fan of the space bar. And food. So I better go feed him!

Talk to you all tomorrow! Oh and here's our cutie eating a snack yesterday, waiting for the doctor to come in. Don't ya just want to squeeze him!!


Carrie Comstock said...

What WONDERFUL news!!!! :D

Honea Household said...

Very good news! Hurray!

Sarah said...

Yea on the good news! And WOW on Ethan already turning one! Happy Birthday Ethan!! I am so happy for you guys, what a sweetie pie!

Oh, and thanks so much for the sweet card! I just got it in the mail, that was so thoughtful of you, and reminds me of old times when you would always give me sweet cards to brighten my day!

Give Ethan a big ole birthday hug for me! And hopefully your migranes will be tolerable with the new med, as migranes are no fun at all!!!!!


Moz + Pam said...

In the picture he looks so MUCH like his Daddy, doesn't he? Praise the Lord for answered prayer! Praise God from Whom all blessings flow! AMEN!

Nancy said...

Terrific news! And if he doesn't just get cuter with every picture you post. :) Enjoy the birthday!

Randall said...

Tell Ethan "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" from Audrey and Cole's Grandma and Grandpa.

We'll keep praying!

Randy and Ronni Dunn
Davison, MI

Anonymous said...

Great news! Happy birthday, Ethan!

Love, Mrs. Rogers

Anonymous said...

Kasey, so glad to hear Ethan is doing well, this is SUCH a great thing to see! and Happy Birthday to him as well:) My little one is turning one in a couple months and it is amazing how quickly the time flies:)
Jill Grant (Adam's coworker)