Sunday, January 18, 2009


Thank you all for your prayers for Ethan's evaluation on Friday.... however.... the two ladies weren't able to come. One lady woke up sick and didn't want to give any of her germs to Ethan (which I thought was very thoughtful of her!), so we had to reschedule for the 27th. I just asked God to take all your sweet prayers and apply them to his re-scheduled date :-)

Before I go, I thought I'd let you all take a peek into our little man's adventurous side. Friday morning, I took a second to grab myself a drink from the kitchen. When I left, Ethan was over here... on the far left side of our living room.

And when I came back, literally 30 seconds later, I found this!

I keep a basket of diapers downstairs so I don't have to run up to his room every time he needs a diaper change. Well, in the split second I was gone, he rolled himself to the far right side of our living room, over to the basket, pulled it down and was literally throwing the diapers out of it. He'd pull a diaper out and throw it behind him... & when he saw that I was back in the room, he paused, looked at me, and gave me a sheepish grin that just made me melt & then went back to making his mess. It was soooo funny! I laughed so hard. For a little tyke who doesn't crawl, he sure gets around!


Thankful for everything.... by the grace of God....


kari said...

Such a sweet little stinker!! I love and miss that little guy sooooooo much!!!!! :)

Shera @ A Frog In My Soup said...

That is EXACTLY the basket I kept my twins' diapers in when they were infants!!! They forever had it tipped upside down too ... very funny!