Friday, December 5, 2008

good news

Late last night... very late. As I was trying to fall asleep, I just found myself give in. If it was necessary for Ethan to have to spend the weekend in the hospital, then so be it. We'd make it work. And ultimately, I want him healthy. So I took him in late this morning, not having any idea whether or not we'd be back up there later tonight for his admission. I went on with our day, knowing that regardless, God would work out the details. But of course, secretly hoping that the low sodium number was simply a mistake. I didn't want there to be another issue with Ethan's overall health that would spark further questions and tests over the next couple of weeks. This horrible rash is enough for now. And.... within a couple of hours of his nurse taking Ethan's blood this morning, we got the phone call with the results.

It was in fact a fluke! His sodium showed to be normal today and his potassium even went down another point from yesterday - which is more good news. I was so relieved. So very relieved.

All I've been repeating to myself this afternoon is... when God's people pray...

Thank you for being one of those people. God continues to use you to minister to our family and He continues to provide beautiful answers to our prayers.

Adam is recovering somewhat comfortably.... Ethan is a feisty 10 1/2 month old.... and we all get a (hopefully) quiet weekend at home - together.

Who knows... maybe I'll even get Christmas decorations up.


huntsouth said...

Happy decorating!
Life is exciting!
Because God is always doing something with, to, for, near us.
Love you and so glad that you are all okay.
Love, Amy

The Charles Crew said...

YAY!! what great news! continuing to pray for the three of you this weekend! hope you find time to decorate and enjoy this joyous time!

Anonymous said...

oh oh oh!!! So exciting for you! See what happens when you give in and accept whatever God gives to you? He knew exactly the numbers that Ethan was going to put out, and calmed you in the process! What a mighty God we serve!!!