Sunday, December 7, 2008

winter is here


We had our first snow here in Connecticut today! Ethan got a kick out of looking at all things "winter white". I thought I'd post a few pics of him in his Boston Red Sox winter hat, that he had to wear on our outing to the hospital last Friday. When I was trying to put it on him, he thought it was a game and kept pulling it off!
We had a nice quiet weekend. Ethan's personality is coming out more and more... especially when he doesn't get his way. And Adam was unfortunately quite uncomfortable due to his hand still recovering from surgery. He goes for a follow-up visit on Friday, and hopefully the full cast he is in can be removed and replaced with a smaller splint. If you know my husband, you know that it's a bit difficult for him to lay around all day. He's the personality that must be doing something at all times. So this necessary "time out" is proving a bit challenging for him. We appreciate your continued prayers for his overall healing and swift recovery! Oh, and yes, I did get the Christmas decor up... finally.
My heart is full of things to share, but my eyes are extremely heavy. I do believe it's time for bed. Oh, Ethan's regular "Monday" appointment, got moved to Tuesday. Be in prayer that all is well during that check up AND that they can come up with a new strategy for this persistent rash all over his face & head.
I greatly appreciate you....
God be merciful to us and bless us,
and cause His face to shine upon us,
that Your way may be known on earth,
Your salvation among all nations.
Let the peoples praise You, O God;
let all the peoples praise You.
Psalm 67:1-3


Lizzie Fish said...

what a happy baby!!! we will be praying for adam's husband is the same way about being still and we remember a while back when he was forced to sit around...not fun times.

The Charles Crew said...

HOW CUTE IS HE!?! Continuing to pray for you guys! Glad you were able to get some Christmas decorations up, my kids always LOVE the lights on the soothing! Praying Ethan's rash subsides and Adam is patient with the whole hand healing and cast!!

huntsouth said...

Great pictures of that little Sox fan!
We are praying for you, Adam!
Take it easy, so that you can get ready to play golf with that hand.
the Hunts

Linsey said...

Oh I love those new pictures of your sweet baby boy! Man, I wish we would get a little snow, Gage is asking for it!

Anonymous said...

What precious pictures WOW!!!

Stephanie said...

thanks for the pictures! I love to put hats on my little boy (7 months). Praying for you, Ethan, and especially Adam...I'm not a good "time out" person either!