Monday, November 24, 2008

just a reminder

Please be in prayer for Ethan today as we head to the hospital this morning. As I noted in my last post, he will be getting a heavy duty transfusion today (see previous post for more detail) and I'd appreciate your prayers for him and for protection this week against any possible side effects.

On a side note, his vomiting has returned, and the rash is still spreading on his face, though not terribly inflamed right now. Thank you for thinking of us and praying for us today & the days following this transfusion.

Oh yeah... I almost forgot to tell you... our little man turned 10 months old yesterday. I'll post pics soon!


Anonymous said...

God is so faithful, Kasey! I was looking through my favorites, and realized I hadn't checked on Ethan's status for a while. There is never a coincidence in the Christian life! ;-)
I saw your prayer request for the transfusion today, and thanked God that He brought me to the site this morning. I will be thinking of you all, and praying with you.

Lorri said...

Praying for you both this morning Ethan's Mama!

Linsey said...

Wil be praying...keep us posted.

sara said...

Dear Casey,
I will be praying for Ethan as he gets his transfusion and during the next few days as his body adjusts.
Love and prayers,
Sara R.