Tuesday, November 25, 2008

ethan update

Thank you so much for praying for Ethan yesterday! They did the transfusion slowly and his body seemed to tolerate it quite well. We were there for 6 hours, but we had a private room and were able to be relatively comfortable. Due to the length of his transfusion, they had us up on the "in-patient" floor, where Ethan received a lot of his care when he was first diagnosed. It had been a while since we were up there, (normally he is in the outpatient area) so it was nice to see some familiar faces of those who took care of him months ago. They were excited to see how much our cutie pie has grown! All in all, it was a fairly easy day and time went by fast. Last night, Ethan showed no negative reactions and I believe that after today he should be in the clear for any reactions popping up.

He does have a little bit of a cold/congestion, but nothing too serious and it's not accompanied by a fever so that's wonderful! We think this could be why he all of a sudden started vomiting again. He'll start coughing, then gag, then vomit. So hopefully that will subside soon. His rash is also looking soooo much better on his arms and legs. His face/head are still a small issue, but the rest of his body is looking great.

I honestly can't thank you enough for praying for us all the time.

I wish I could explain the peace and comfort I feel after I post a particular request here... I simply rest after I type out our needs, knowing that you will join with us in prayer, and that God will remain faithful. I do not take this form of communication I'm able to have with you lightly. I never have. I'm thankful for this outlet and for your willingness to keep reading... and praying. With all the blessing we've encountered through answered prayers for Ethan... I want to remind you that you have been an answered prayer of mine.
As promised... here are some updated pics of our 10 month old little lad just chillin' at home. I have a few more, but I'll save them for Thanksgiving (they're more festive!).


huntsouth said...

Your little man looks great.
Have a wonderful and special Thanksgiving!
the Hunts

Linsey said...

He is looking so BIG in his carseat now! I love the sleeping pictures, those are priceless! Glad the appointment went good and will be praying for no negative side effects! How big is Ethan now? We need some stats!

Lizzie Fish said...

wow - the one of ethan snoozing on his dad...he's growing so fast! and i love his expressions...we're so thankful his transfusion went well and will be thinking of y'all on thursday. =)

Courtney said...

I have been following your family over the last several weeks after being introduced through a friends blog. Ever since I read about your little guy, I have been praying! I will continue to lift up your family daily! I am so glad that Ethan did well . Have a wonderful Thanksgiving ~ We have much to be thankful for!

Love, A Praying Mom in Kentucky

The Charles Crew said...

I am SO happy to hear things went well with the transfusion!! I will continue to pray not only for Ethan but for you and the rest of your family! You are a VERY special mommy and give so much of yourself! Just know you are prayed for as well!!
Have a happy Thanksgiving!!

Chris, Sam & Tiff said...

So thankful that all went well with Ethan's appointment. You are continually in our prayers. We love seeing the pictures, be sure to put lots of them in your blog - they are precious.

Megan said...

Oh my has our little prince grown. He is so adorable! Happy Thanksgiving to you all. There are so many things to be thankful for and Ethan is one of them for me. I haven't wrote in a while but I have never stopped praying and I won't. I pray no side effects will take place and no fever! God Bless you all!