Friday, November 21, 2008

prayer requests and updates

I have an update for you regarding the 18 month old foster child of a dear family we know. Remember me telling you about Kevelyn and the Feliciano family? Well, I have a praise report... she has finally be added to the transplant list for her much needed liver and small bowel transplant. The prayer now is that she won't have to wait long for the transplant itself. This family and this child have a very long road ahead of them... prayers for strength for this family, God's perfect timing, details with the state (as she is a foster baby), and Kevelyn's overall healing are still much needed.

I also have a prayer request for Ethan. His rash. Still an issue. It's slightly better on his arms and legs, however, it has made it's way to his face & head. And since it's on his face, it will be much more tricky to treat, since any topical medication would be in danger of getting into his mouth and eyes. He still doesn't seem to be too irritated by this annoying rash (going on 3 weeks now), but my main concern right now is that the rash is around his eyes (both underneath and above on the eye lids). Small red dots and slightly inflamed skin. It's also on his cheeks, chin, forehead, and on his head behind his ears, but for some reason, I am more focused on his eyes. I really don't like the idea of this becoming a major eye irritant. I imagine swollen eyes or something along those lines and I'm not a fan of those possibilities... so I'm praying, and asking you to pray that this rash clears up once and for all. And that his eyes do not get worse (the skin around the eyes) and that we can get to the bottom of the cause.

Please also be in prayer for our hospital visit on Monday (in Connecticut). A particular area of Ethan's immune system that they measure via his blood work has come back pretty low. For this reason, he will need a certain transfusion on Monday that will take anywhere from 4 to 8 hours (due to the side effects and pre-medication he will need, this transfusion must go through his system very slowly). I'm more concerned with the side effects than I am actually having to be at the hospital so long. Fever, and a list of other problems could result after this transfusion, and I really don't want any issues over the Thanksgiving holiday that would put us back into the hospital (like a fever would!). God has been extremely gracious and faithful with Ethan not having to be re-admitted thus far, (not even a teething fever has developed!), and I just ask for your help in praying that continues and that we experience no complications with this new medicine transfusion he will get on Monday.

I close with a sweet blessing... Ethan has started eating from his spoon! You may recall that was a necessary thing his nutritionist had told us he needed to do upon our discharge from his transplant. And he fought me for weeks and weeks. Not at all interested in food other than his bottle. Well, this week, he all of a sudden opened his mouth and took the food. My mouth opened too, but out of shock and gratitude! I know it's a small thing, but it's a big blessing to this mommy, to see him open-wide for the spoon headed his way, and not cry or scream and turn his head in opposition. I literally let small tears of thankfulness fall to the Lord this week for such an encouragement to my heart. Oh, and another big blessing is that his daily vomitting has subsided this week. You can't imagine the glee of not having to change his and my clothes 3 times a day.

Thank you for your prayers over these things and for your smiles when they are answered.


huntsouth said...

All these details of life, so lovingly ordered by the Great Physician....hmmm, today's trial will involve itchy spots behind the ear; tomorrow that transfusion is necessary because that lady in the parking lot needs a tract; less vomiting, though, because there's no time to do the laundry on Thursday. From the outside, looking in, it seems much clearer than when you're the one holding the spoon or cleaning up the mess or applying medication. Praise the Lord for His wonderful care! You have an itchy, eaty, bouncy boy at Thanksgiving time, and we are so glad! Praise God from Whom all blessings flow! Love you all as we pray---the Hunts

Hollie said...

Such great news! Still praying for Ethan's rash!

Linsey said...

Will be praying! I miss you!!!

The Charles Crew said...

continuing to pray for sweet ethan!!

rebecca said...

So thankful for little Ethan and continuing to pray.