Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Thank you for your prayers. The appointment in Boston yesterday went well. Ethan's rash doesn't seem to be a huge concern right now - meaning, they do not believe it's related to graft-versus-host-disease - which is very good. We're trying a triple paste on it now to see if that resolves the problem, so hopefully we'll see positive results soon. Everything else about his health seems to be doing great. The only slight exception being that his red cells continue to trend downward in number, as opposed to going up each week. They say this is quite normal and is not a concern right now, but obviously, we continue to desire the numbers to go up on their own. It's likely Ethan will need a blood transfusion again later this week, and the hope is that this would be the extra dose he needs to get him over the hump... although we thought the last one was going to be able to do that for him. Either way, it's not a huge concern, but one we'd like to see go away regardless. We want his marrow to be handling the "supply and demand" of his body on its own without the need/dependency on transfusions. He continues to be quite fussy at times - and I do spot about 3 teeth poking their way through on top - so I'm hoping that's all it is. He's stopped taking jar foods lately, and I was worried about a setback, but his nutritionist says that he might be on target as more of a 6 month old baby than a 9 month old baby, and to just continue to practice with him... though they would like to see this developmental & nutritional goal eventually accomplished.

As a side note, I do have to say that I'm quite thankful to the Lord that Ethan appears not to have caught the cold I've had for the past week and a half. No fevers and no cause of concern in that area... I'm so very grateful for your prayers over that.

Before I go, I thought I'd post a couple of pictures of our little man chillin' out at home.


huntsouth said...

I like his eyebrows!
We're kind of like connoisseurs of eyebrows and those are good ones!
Glad you're getting better and that Ethan's okay. Love, the Hunts

Anonymous said...

I'm no doctor, of course, but my son stopped eating when he cut his top four teeth... All he would do is nurse. Maybe that's all Ethan's going through too? Hopefully that will encourage you. We're excited to see all that the Lord is doing in little Ethan's body! Still praying for you all.

Lorri said...

What a cutie! Thanking God with your for such a over all good report!

kari said...

The more those eyebrows keep growin', the more I see Adam in his sweet little face. I just want to kiss those adorable cheeks!!

Totally looking forward to pictures of Ethan's first Halloween costume!! :)

Anonymous said...

You may already have these but Kenni did great with "Teething Tablets." You can buy them anywhere and they just disolve in the mouth! These were the wonder drug for us! Love the new pics of your little man!

Amber King (Spradling)

Amy said...

he's such a stud :)