Friday, October 31, 2008

happy halloween!



I'm not a fan of "scary", but I am a fan of "cute"! And I have been so excited to put Ethan in his first halloween costume from his Aunt Kim, Aunt Kelly and Aunt Kristi. Isn't he just the cutest set of bones you've ever seen! He would smile and giggle every time I put down the camera. But as soon as I picked it back up to capture the sweet moment... he would stop. Oh well!

After Ethan's outpatient visit yesterday we learned that we still do not know what's causing the rash on his little bottom and leg, but they still aren't extremely concerned at this point. We also learned that his ANC level (what they use to gauge his immune system) has decreased in number over the past week - by close to 2,000 points. There could be many reasons/factors, one of which being that Ethan's body could be in the early stages of fighting a virus or infection. We will learn more during his visit in Boston on Monday, but please be in prayer for this. Maybe nothing more than an ear infection, but we want his body protected from even the most minor of problems. He was on the borderline of needing a blood transfusion, so it's likely he will get one on Monday - unless the Lord sees fit to jump start them over the weekend!

Oh wait... Ethan is now here at the computer desk with me and he would like to say a few words....

nn bngbgvfnr8ogtiotiitipogjkoirpr[t rp00494oitoitoitoitgiotoioriou

And there you have it. Straight from Mr. Skeleton himself. Well said, kiddo!

I want to also say thank you for your prayers for me. Lately, I've felt both enlightened & inspired again. But more on that later... It's time for Ethan to eat, so we"ll have to cut this short.
Anything else you'd like to say Young Skeleton??
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He is very talented.


Moz + Pam said...

Does he look adoreable or what?!

Carrie Comstock said...

Look how cute he is!!!

Anonymous said...

What a precious little goblin!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Halloween!

Ethan looks absolutely adorable!!!
Love the costume, what a cutie he is!!
Keeping fingers crossed for the counts to go up and rash to go away.



Anonymous said...

Ethan you are precious!!!!!

We look forward to hearing much more of what Ethan has to "say" in the days to come!

I'm sure God has blessed him with his mom's gift of communication!

Thanks for making us smile.

kirsten said...

Dear Ethan,

hfkjwejfdskfjk cutie pie! sjdfdfjkd

Mrs. Sacco

Anonymous said...

He is quite eloquent! :-)

carleigh said...

oh my gosh that is so cute!! wish we could be there to see it in person!!

Kathy said...

Cutest skeleton I ever saw! And he has such a way with words! :)
He's in my prayers for the counts to go up and the rash to go away.

Lorri said...

I'm singing, "Dem bones, dem bones gonna walk around, dem bones, dem bones gonna walk around, now here the word of the Lord..."

He's so cute, if I were a dog, I would eat him up!

Baby costumes are the best!


Hollie said...

He is the sweetest set of bones I have ever seen! So awesome to hear from the little man himself! Praying for you all! Hugs!

Kelly Benjamin said...

Happy Halloween from Texas! He is so adorable and looks great! I am so glad we got to see him in his outfit...Lot of hugs and kisses from Addison....Yall are still in our prayers..We love yall very much!