Monday, July 27, 2009


To all you sweet friends, family and strangers who have so generously poured out your prayers for our little Ethan and for our family... I ask that you pray - deeply, sincerely and filled with faith - pray for this precious 9 month old baby boy, Stellan, who's heart is very very sick... and has been since he was in his momma's tummy. He has recently taken a turn for the worse and doctors are not sure what "next steps" need to be taken. Some of you may be familiar with Stellan and his mom's blog, but if you aren't (I don't know them/have never met them but found them in the blog world a while back), please take a minute to carry this burden. I've posted the link below. His mom expresses feelings, emotions, frustrations that I can easily remember myself. And it was only by your prayers and God's grace that we endured... So, please...
Pray for this family.
Pray for this mom.
Pray for Stellan!

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