Wednesday, May 6, 2009

doctor appointment today

It's time for Ethan's monthly check up. In a couple of hours we will head to the Connecticut Children's Hospital for some blood work. I'm not looking forward to the whole experience, and I'm sure it's safe to say Ethan isn't either, however he's blissfully unaware at this point in our morning routine! Pray with me that they will be able to draw the blood from his arm, or finger, successfully the first time and that Ethan experiences as little trauma as possible. Please pray also for some insight/suggestions on how we can treat the severe dry skin Ethan has throughout his scalp. He scratches so much, he makes his scalp bleed. And right now, the creams they've suggested haven't helped.

All in all, though, I expect good results from his visit today & I'll update with details tomorrow!

I'm also very curious to see if he's gained any weight. We've been trying to make strides in his eating habits, so we'll see today if any of it has paid off over this past month!

Enjoy your day... and thank you for praying!