Sunday, December 21, 2008

prayer requests

Tomorrow (Monday), Ethan and I will embark on our weekly trip to the hospital (this week it's our local hospital, not Boston) to see how well his counts/levels are doing. I have no reason to believe that his counts won't be excellent, however, it'd be foolish of me not to ask the Lord's blessing regardless. As you may remember, Ethan's potassium and sodium levels have been teetering on the brink of requiring a step of action (meaning a re-admission for a few days to get the levels back to normal and further investigate the root cause of the problem). In case you're curious, high levels of potassium can cause kidney failure and low levels of sodium can cause seizures, can affect nerve & muscle function, and can have affect blood pressure.

Ethan's numbers for each of these electrolytes are in need of a significant boost (in opposite directions!) in order to completely alleviate the very thought of there being an concern. SO with that said, I'd like you to pray once again that today his potassium level would be LOWER than it was last week and that his sodium level would be HIGHER than it was last week. And maybe a prayer that there'd be no other surprises pop up that would put us in the hospital, keeping us away from home over Christmas - or any other time for that matter :-)

Thank you for the blessing of your prayers for Ethan. If he knew how to say "thank you", I know he would! But, his mommy and daddy sure know how and we THANK YOU very, very much!


p.s. - A friend recently brought to my attention, another beautiful child in need of our prayers. Her family's website shows so much strength and dependence on the Lord... but I'm sure there are moments of weakness and fear mixed in as well. The young lady's name is Catie & she is struggling with a very rare brain tumor. I've added her website to my side bar on the lower right with the other children we've been praying for, but will add it here for you as well.

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Following Him said...

Have been praying for Mr. Ethan and thinking of him today. He is such a fighter who has a wonderful support system behind him :)