Tuesday, December 23, 2008

11 months

Someone is 11 months old today... I'll give you one guess who! And thank you for your prayers for his appointment yesterday. Ethan's counts came back showing everything to be where it should be. His electrolytes (aka: sodium & potassium) still hovering around the borderline, but that's okay. They are still in the "safe zone" and that's all that matters. We're taking another new approach with his skin rash, so hopefully this new cream doesn't further irritate his skin. AND we're taking a different approach to get him to eat more solid foods. Right now, he's still fully on formula - however, not from a lack of trying from mommy! We practice "big boy" food every day, several times a day... he's just not interested (which is to say he screams and throws a fit until you give him a bottle). HOWEVER, we're trying to encourage more "self feeding" items which he seems to take to a little bit better, so I was encouraged yesterday with these new tactics. The doctors want him to be steadily growing/gaining weight and at this age formula alone won't cut it. But again, like I said... we try! Hopefully this approach of "independent" feeding will open his willingness (and his mouth!) towards a more variety of things to eat.

There's always more I could say, but I'll save it for Christmas! However, before I go, I'd like to once again thank anyone and everyone who has ever donated blood, platelets or organs. Lives are changed, lives are sustained, and lives are given another chance at living because of people who donate. Some of you may remember when Ethan was extremely dependent on blood transfusions and platelets just to survive another day. It's a daily miracle that's needed every single day by someone in this world. Our little man being one of those people. So thank you. And let me encourage everyone to give of yourself in this way. Donate blood. Every chance you get. Donate platelets. Give your personal stamp to someone else. I assure you that you'd not only be changing the one who receives it, but the lives of their loved ones.... because there's no words to describe how grateful we were that any time Ethan needed a transfusion of blood or platelets, there was always a supply in his blood type. How grateful we were.

How grateful we are.


Moz + Pam said...

Happy 11 months Ethan! Praise the Lord for even more answered prayer! AMEN! Merry Christmas to all 3 of you & your extended families as well! May 2009 be a happy & healthy new year for all 3 of you! God is faithful!

huntsouth said...

Thanks for the blood donor reminder. I used to give and then my college-aged children took over.(Yes, David did make money from donating plasma and his grades suffered, but he sure got to watch lots of movies while relaxing off-campus, filling up those bags.)
Happy 11 months and Happy Christmas! love, the Hunts

Following Him said...

HAPPY 11 Month Birthday Ethan!!! Glad your levels are in the safe zone. MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

By the way...I donate every chance I get...

Jessi said...

Glad Ethan is doing well! Y'all are in my prayers daily. Hope your Christmas is merry with lots of blessings and fun thrown in!

I've worked in child care for a few years, my last year and half being with infants and though I don't know everything by far, hope you don't mind me sharing some tricks I learned to encourage eating table food.
-make it a social time, if you're all sitting at the table eating together, children are usually more interested than if it's just them eating alone (make sure you're eating some of the same things so you can share with each other)
-a lot of our babies only would eat table food after they got a bottle...but after the bottle, they were happy to try anything we gave them!
-you're right on target with the self feeding! most veggies and fruits (and meats when y'all are ready) can be cooked soft enough for babies hard gums to mush up.
-it sometimes takes 5-10 tries of something new to acquire a taste for it so even if he acts like he doesn't like it, keep trying!

Hope some of those help! :)

Blessings, Jessi

Anonymous said...

I will make sure to donate every chance that I get...thank you for the reminder of the impact it really has. I love you guys and glad to hear that Ethan is doing well. XOXOXO. Hope you guys had a Merry Christmas!


Victoria said...

Your blog was passed on to me by my sister. I want you to know that I have been praying for you for some time. May God bless you!