Monday, September 15, 2008

could it be this week??

Over the weekend Ethan's counts dropped down to 260 from 310, BUT yesterday they shot up to 650! That was his first time to hit over 500... soooooo, that started the official count down. If he were able to maintain an ANC count of 500 or more for 3 days in a row, we are then able to be discharged and continue Ethan's care and recovery via outpatient visits. Needless to say, I was curious as to what his counts would be today, and they are at 520! Still good! Because they are still above 500. So that's TWO days down, and one more to go! If his counts tomorrow are 500 or more (and he remains infection and fever-free) then I believe we will be discharged on Friday (they only do discharges on Friday).

I'm of course excited, but I'm also not putting all my eggs in one basket. I'm resigned to the Lord's will and if that means we are discharged this week then Woo Hoo! But if his counts dropped to 400 tomorrow, then that's okay too... it just means there's a little bit more of God's purpose that He hasn't quite finished yet. Either way, Ethan's new cells are engrafting and we are closer (much closer) to being able to go home.

Be in prayer about a few things for me, if you don't mind. I see them as slightly critical prayers right now, as we make preparations for discharge.

1. Please pray that Ethan remains fever-free... indefinitely would be fantastic! But at least fever free for these next couple of weeks until his care is fully transitioned back to Childrens Hospital in Connecticut.

2. Please pray for healing of Ethan's rash. He is still scratching himself quite a bit, all over his body. The attempts at controlling the rash with various meds, etc. have not been effective. Please pray for his discomfort.

3. Pray against a chronic form of GVHD from entering into his body.

4. Pray for full engraftment of his new cells, and that he remains in remission!

5. Pray for wisdom to those who make the decision about the medicines that will stop, and the meds that will continue, and for how long....

6. Pray against ANY type of infection as though we will be able to be discharged, his immune system will take about a year to rebuild and be fully functional again. He's susceptible to any type of virus at any time, and it could be quite dangerous for him.

(also be in prayer for safety for my husband, Adam, as he is traveling
on business - flying out today and returning on Wednesday)

I was thinking overnight about a promise I made to the Lord. I didn't make the promise in return for a "favor" from Him, but more a personal commitment that I would not forget all that He has done in Ethan's life and that I would tell of His wonders.

( This was the day I made this personal commitment/promise to the Lord.... )

Anyway, last night into this morning, I was thinking about the Old Testament story in the Bible describing when the Israelites set up a memorial (made up of 12 stones) to serve as a reminder to them and their children of all that God had done for them (see Joshua 4). To ensure they never forgot the miracles and wonders He had done in their lives as they moved into the Promise Land. I was thinking about how applicable such a memorial would be in my own life. On a side note, it the irony was not lost on me that their memorial consisted of 12 stones, representing the 12 tribes of Israel... and Ethan had 12 initial donor matches, and his actual transplant took place on the 12th. Interesting??

But, back to what I was saying...

I have been thinking of what the Lord would have me do to mark this Spiritual Journey we've had to walk through. And then it hit me.... Ethan's very life. His first steps. His first words. His first day of school. His first t-ball game. His first jr. high basketball game. The day he gets his driver's license. His highschool graduation. The first day of college. The day he brings that first "special" girl home for the holidays. The day he exchanges vows with her. The day he tells us they are expecting a child of their own, despite the radiation treatments he received during his cancer treatments many years before. That. All of that. Is and will be the testimony, the on-going reminder of all that God has done. I'm crying just thinking about it. What better memorial than that?

Ethan, your life will always be the picture of God's handiwork and power. And every milestone you encounter. Every set back that you overcome. Every limitation that you exceed. I will know. Your dad will know. And we will tell you that it's God's love, protection, mercy, power and favor that has graciously given you... life... abundant life.

I encourage you to find your own visual memorial. Something that you can't help but stumble upon in years to come, that will cause you to pause and remember a particular miracle God did in your life and His goodness in your life. Big ones, small ones. He gives graciously. Let us not forget.


FalkFamily said...

As always in prayer for Ethan and your family. I am moved to tears at the prospect of those things for Ethan. I will pray for your specific requests and I cannot wait to hear the news that Ethan is being discharged. I am so thankful that the Lord brought you into my life - you have shown me so much through your battle.


Mandy said...

Wow! This is good news...but there's so much to continue to pray for. However, I'm going to PRAISE God for day 2 of high counts! Yeah!

Dave and Elaine said...

Once again your words hit home. Thank you for writing. I have had the same thoughts of wanting something to symbolize God's Faithfulness to me as I walk the road of infertility and it hit me that when I hold my baby in my arms one day what better picture of God's faithfulness than that??!!

I will pray those specific things for Ethan.

Anonymous said...

Kasey!!! I am so amazed and thankful to our God on how good He has been to Ethan and you guys. I never doubted and still don't that He is still working and will not let you down. We will continue to pray and I have faith that His good will is and will be done. I love you guys and I am praying.

Janelle and Ella said...

Oh, that is awesome news!!! Woohoo!

huntsouth said...

We are excited about your coming home soon.
God is so good to honor even our mustard seed-sized faith!~
Thank you for praying for us, too.
Let all of the joys and challenges ahead keep you close to the Lord.
When you stand up to proclaim His greatness, you can count on some opposition!
Enjoy His protection and blessing!
We love you and are praying!
the Hunts

Collegegirl said...

YAY for the numbers up. I will continue to pray until sweet Ethan is cured!!! Hang in there and YAY for the great day!!!

Hannah, Manish & the triplets said...

How thrilling to read about Ethan's high counts and continued healing. It gives me the chills! What an answer to prayer--and what an amazing and faithful Heavenly Father we serve! He truly is Jehovah Rapha.

We didn't have a chance to talk about this when I was in Boston, Kasey, but I firmly believe that God has a very, very special plan for little Ethan's life. Your family's journey has already been a testament and inspiration to so many, including our family.

We know that there is still a long road ahead for Ethan, but isn't God's timing incredible? He knows just when we need to rest in and savor the victories that He sends before we are ready to face the valleys still to come. God is so good!