Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Inspiration and Prayer Requests

Ethan and I spent the day (about 7 hours) at the hospital today because he needed a couple of transfusions. It ended up being a fun day because as he's getting blood and platelets, I'm sitting in a giant recliner and we both get to watch TV, play, eat, and whatever else we feel like doing. Ethan was GREAT during the whole thing and I was pretty relaxed too. As we were there, I met two ladies that left me feeling a bit inspired. They each, like me, were there in the oncology area of Children's Hospital because their child has cancer.

The first lady I met has a little girl, 13 months old, that had a rare cancer develop in the form of a tumor in her chest wall at 3 weeks of age. That little girl (cute as a button by the way!) has had to have 4 ribs removed, and many other surgeries as a result of her cancer. But to look at her running around this morning, you'd never know. And her mom was so full of energy and friendliness that if you were to bump into her in a grocery store, you'd never know the pain I'm sure she's had to bear a long time. The second mom I met had a son getting ready for his next round of chemo and I think he was about 18 years old. I didn't officially meet him, but he crossed my path a few times and I could hear him talk with the nurses. He had such an upbeat personality. I don't know how long he's had to suffer with his (also rare) cancer, but he wasn't held captive by it. It was a normal part of his life and he came in for his treatments, but was making plans to play in a baseball game when this round of chemo was over for him. His whole demeanor was an inspiration to me. His mom was the same way. She was very friendly and moved around with such ease, living life as it came to her and not blinking an eye.

Each of these women and their children showed me something today. I was inspired by their acceptance of the curve ball life had thrown them, and their ability to not let it overcome them. I'm sure there are difficult times, but there was an inner strength that each of them had - as did their children - and I felt as though God was showing me, yet again, living examples of how possible it is to allow this terrible sickness in Ethan become a part of our lives without it consuming our lives. The young man was planning to go play baseball this weekend as if nothing was wrong with him. That 13 month old girl was running around playing as if she hadn't been through the ringer over the last year. And each of the mom's accepted that at this point in their lives, this is the road they needed to travel. But life does go on as well.

I don't know if I'm saying any of this in a way that makes sense, but the bottom line is that after leaving the hospital this evening, I, for once, didn't feel trapped by the fact that my baby son has cancer. For the first time, it felt okay to accept this disease that has happened upon our little boy and even feel comfortable with it. I thank God for the opportunity to see all of this in a completely different way. My prayer is that I have the strength to maintain the clearer vision.

Be in prayer for Ethan the next few days. We go back for our next outpatient visit on Friday. The days in between need to be really good days. We need to see a difference in the size of his liver and spleen (we have seen a slight decrease so far!) and we need his red blood cells and platelets to go UP in number! That trend needs to be consistent in order for the doctor to feel comfortable that Ethan responded well to this last chemo session. If you remember, we tried a different approach to Ethan's chemo - giving him 3 different kinds of medication as opposed to only 1 - with the hopes that his good cells and his spleen respond better than they did before. Please be in prayer that his good cells daily rise in number, that his spleen and liver shrink, and that his white cells (the cancer cells) stay very LOW in number.

I also have another very important prayer request that I'd like to share with you. Our friends, Mike and Amy Lee, are pregnant with their second child. They found out today via an ultrasound that their little baby girl has a cyst on her brain. The doctor indicated that this was fairly common, but that it sometimes indicates Down's Syndrome. The doctor told them that they will do another ultrasound in 8 weeks to see if the cyst has disappeared. If the cyst remains then it could be a strong indicator that the baby would be in danger of having Down's. I asked their permission to bring this prayer need to your attention and they have allowed us to do so. There are thousands of people that read this blog and many prayer warriors that plead to our Father on behalf of Ethan every day. I know you will also be in prayer for baby Micaiah Lee that over the next 2 months this cyst will disappear, never to surface again, and that on the day of the ultrasound Mike and Amy will have the peaceful proof that their little girl is going to be perfectly healthy. Pray that they can feel God's peace and strength during the next several weeks of "waiting".

Thank you for taking to heart all of these requests for our babies.... whether in the womb as baby Micaiah is, or out in the world like my sweet Ethan. They are each in God's tender hands and each in need of your prayer for His intervention.

We love you all.... whether we know you or not.... we love you all.

p.s. - If you'd like to leave Mike and Amy an encouraging message via my "comment" section, PLEASE feel free as I know they will read them and be blessed by your words.


Anonymous said...

Mike and Amy, You are in our prayers as you wait on the Lord. We are praying he gives you the strength you need through these next 8 weeks.

Megan said...

Mike and Amy, We will be praying for you and the gift that lives inside you. God will only give you what you can handle so be at peace with that no matter what the outcome is. We pray the little one is 120% healthy. We pray in 8 weeks the ultra sound will show no sign of the cyst. Give all your worries over to our Father, nothing is impossible for him. God Bless you.

Megan said...

God is in control with every single part of our lives. He places people in our lives for a reason. I am so thankful these two Mom's crossed your path. I am sure it helps when you meet others going through the same thing you are, they are the only ones who truly can understand what it is like seeing your son or daughter sick like this. I have been praying for you to hear God and to feel alive again. Thank you Lord for showing Kasey that you can live with cancer. Please have hope and enjoy every single second you have now. We will pray specifically for the things you mentioned for Ethan and for news from Boston on Friday as well.
Love you all!!!! Give lots of hugs and kissed to Ethan for us.
God Bless you!

Hollie said...

What a great day for you, Kasey! I can only imagine how encouraging it is to see other's in your situation with huge smiles on their faces. And just think, someone else going through this is looking at you and are in 'AHHHH' of your strength! I know you have already encouraged so many others. You sure have inspired me!

I am praying for all of Ethan's numbers and that his spleen will shrink! You guys are always on my mind!

And to Mike and Amy...I am praying for you both. Praying for peace over the next few weeks and that you may feel Him holding you tightly in the days ahead!! Praying for your sweet baby!!

Lizzie Fish said...

kasey, what a beautiful gift you got this morning. how thankful we are for a father who never forgets us and who knows exactly what we need when. that was awesome!

we will be praying for your friends as well as for their little daughter.

love from the swamp,
the fischers

Mrs. MK said...

What a God-given blessing to meet those families at the hospital and learn there is another kind of "normal". I can hear the relief and peace in your voice.

My prayers are with Mike and Amy and their little one. Grace and peace to you.....

Anonymous said...


You will have your good and your bad days. But God is always there and is always showing you these little reminders (like the people you met at the hospital) that he has not left your side.

Mike & Amy, you and your baby will be in my prayers.


Auntie Joann

Anonymous said...

Mike and Amy,
I just wanted to let you know that my husband and I went through the exact same thing with our first son. The doctor saw the coriod (sp?)plexus cyst at our 20 week ultrasound. The doctor explained that it was pretty common, but they would check up on it. We were scared of course but many people prayed for us like many are praying for you! Four weeks later we had another ultrasound and it was gone! My doctor shared some pretty helpful facts with us that I hope will help you! The cyst is just one of many markers for the genetic disorder. If the cyst is all they saw on the ultrasound, the chances are 1 in 500 that your baby will have Downs. A genetic specialist encouraged us to have an amniosentisis, but she warned that there was a 1 in 250 chance that I would miscarry the baby do to the procedure. I am mathematically challenged, but even I can figure out that the odds of having a miscriage do to the amnio were greater than my baby having Downs! Needless to say, we now have a very healthy 3 yr. old! I hope my word have been helpful as well as encouraging! I will certainly be praying for you, because I know exactly what you are going through!
Cathy Lang

Anonymous said...

My prayers are with you and your family. Your faith is inspiring!
A friend is going through a similar situation with her son. He has an inoperable brain tumor.
She would be a great source for you too. www.connorlint.com
Sending prayer your way! Stacey

pam said...

Mike and Amy, you are in our prayers. I am so sorry that you have to have this worry on your heart at such a happy time. I will put you and your baby on our prayer list along with Ethan. I have strong prayer warriors within my Sunday School class and they would be heartfelt to pray for your family. I am Kasey's Aunt Pam and i am so happy that she is surrounded with such good friends.

kimweber said...

Kasey, so glad you had a good day. Meeting other "cancer Moms" as Lucinda called them was a great help to her and you to them too.
Your faith can be contagious, share some with them sometime....God is using you and Ethan every time you walk through those doors!
Mike and Amy,
We will pray for your little one, and for your comfort through this very tough time of waiting, don't let Satan get a hold on your mind, he will try. Keep your focus on God and His grace and peace. And take care of yourselves and your other precious child.
Love, In Him.
The Webers