Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day

To my phenomenal husband:

You give me the motivation I need to get through each day

With the love that you give in your wonderfully unique way.

In the midst of the unknown,

You keep me going with the strength you've shown.

Your humor and perfectly timed thoughtfulness,

Are just a few things that bring me to God on knees of thankfulness.

Today is the day that you're celebrated for the first time as a Dad,

And on behalf of our baby son, I assure you...

You're the best he could've ever had.

Happy First Father's Day!

I love you.


Audrey Enloe, Red Oak Texas said...

Happy Fathers Day Adam! Thank you so much for taking care of my precious friend Kasey and your beautiful son. I hope he one day will be the great husband and father that you are, and that he has yours and Kaseys incredible strength. Even though I dont know you, I love you and Kasey so much and am praying for your family daily. May grace and peace be with you all the days of your life! Heres a toast to a wonderful family! Audrey

kari said...

Yes, Adam just as we are so lucky to have you in our family, Ethan is truly blessed to have you as his dad!! Jason and I love you all so much. No matter the distance, the three of you are never far from our hearts. Happy Father's Day Adam!! Because of your love and faith, you and Kasey should be celebrated every day!! :)

Anonymous said...

I somehow from goi ng blog to nlog and found yours. You son reminded me of mine. Withe the central line in his little chest. My son had domething different completely then yuours, and made m smile and think of my little boy.