Monday, June 2, 2008

Today's Mood: Thankful

Can I just start by saying how proud I am of our little cutie! You'd think he would be absolutely miserable and cranky (and he'd have every right to be!) with all of the junk that is filtering through his tiny body.... but our little trooper is so strong. He is such a happy baby. Yes, he fusses and can belt out a cry and a scream like you wouldn't believe, BUT you change his diaper or give him a bottle and he calms right down (most of the time).... and that's just a typical baby! He's so wonderful and his attitude is so precious. I understand that he doesn't know what's going on - and I'm so very thankful for that - but regardless, his body IS full of poison medication and cancer and you'd think he'd be so irritable all the time. But he isn't. He's absolutely precious and we cherish every minute with him.

So far, no side effects have surfaced. His bottom is pretty raw, and the fissure tears have been aggravated once again, but he doesn't seem to be in pain. The prayer request for the immediate future is that his central line (the port in his chest) stops bleeding. The port is inserted directly into his chest and there are 2 lines (tubes) that come out. It's through those lines that he gets the chemo, blood transfusions, and how he will get the bone marrow transplant. For lack of better description, that tubing is his "life line" for everything right now. The continued prayer request is that the line doesn't become infected. He's not at risk of that right now, but it does continue to ooze blood and so that means there is an opening at the insertion site and though it is kept covered with bandages, infection can creep in at any point.... and an infected line would make things EXTREMELY complicated! The stitches that hold the line in the chest have developed a scab from all the blood which makes is hard to clean. Please be in prayer that we can get a grip on the situation the next few days that we are here and that the tubes remain infection-free. We are so thankful no other problems have come up yet, and we pray that he continues to remain free of side effects.

Ethan's spleen is still a concern. It hasn't gone down in size, and we really need it to start shrinking. I truly want to avoid Ethan having to have his spleen removed, so please be in prayer that over the next few days we start to see a consistent decrease in size. His liver is slightly enlarged as well, so if they could both shrink up, that would be a huge blessing (and a shock to the doctors).

I will find out more about the progress being made with the bone marrow search on Friday. Out of the 12 preliminary matches, they will search the first 5 for a perfect match. If a perfect match isn't found they will continue until all 12 have been reviewed. They'd then take the closest match they found. I'd love for them to find a perfect match within their first search and then we could move forward with the transplant right away! Since I get updated on Fridays, pray that THIS Friday holds more good news!

Thank you for all of your continued prayers for our little boy! Aside from being extra tired from the chemo today, he's doing well.

1 Corinthians 2:5 - That your faith should not stand in the wisdom of men, but in the power of God.


kimweber said...

Praise the Lord for the good report of no bad side effects!!
We will continue to pray for his spleen to shrink in size and his liver. It would be great for those doctors to see God's handiwork 1st hand!!!
Praying for the donor matches, too.
I will be looking forward to Friday's update to see the news.
Love and continued prayers.
Kim and family.

Jennifer Wiser said...

Hi kasey,
I was happy to hear the update today that thus far things are progressing well considering like you said all the potential complications that could arise. the blessings are always there when we just look. I remember so well the same issues with the broviac in alex's chest - the bleeding, the scab, the changing of the dressing, - we will praying that the bleeding stops and that the lines will stay free from infection. I know all too well about infected lines - let's pray for none of that. we look forward to hearing about the marrow match search and just how the Lord will work the situation out perfectly for Ethan. We are also praying that very soon his spleen and liver will decrease greatly in size. watching and praying always for God's marvelous work in your lives.

Your Michigan friends,
Jennifer Wiser (and family)

Marge said...

I’ll be praying that Ethan spleen & liver shrinks to a normal size where they won’t have to be removed,

I also will pray that no infection starts anywhere in Ethan body or that tube.

I’m looking forward to hearing what good news the lord is going to have for you Friday.

I may not ever meet you this side of glory, but I sure love what I know of you through what you write on your blog.

Love in Christ

Bryana said...

Kasey, Well, I have just read your past blogs for the last two weeks and I am so happy for you guys!! What an awesome blessing and encouragement! I will not only be praying for all of Ethan's prayer requests but also that Friday comes really quickly for you with more awesome results and great news! God is good! And I cant wait to hear what He's going to do next! Bryana

Audrey said...

I am continually in prayer for yall Kasey! Thank you so much for the updates. I hope that your day is a good one and he remains side effect free! To God be the glory great things He hath done!! ....and IS doing! Love you! Audrey

Megan said...

I've been thinking of Ethan and you all weekend. When I went on this morning you hadn't wrote anything yet and my heart was racing no knowing how Ethan was doing. I am so thankful to hear so far so good. We will pray for his little bottom and for no infections in the opening on his chest. Of course we will pray for everything else as well. I also pray you are holding up being in the hospital seeing your little prince go through this. God Bless you. You are truly a blessing to us Kasey. I pray you and Ethan have a good nights rest. Hugs and Kisses to Ethan.

Hollie said...

You guys continue to amaze me! I am praying for his central line, enlarged spleen and liver and no other side effects!

Praying for great news on Friday!! Love & Hugs!!

huntsouth said...

Thank you for the prayer reminder about Ethan's port. It was such a blessing to see Adam in choir on Sunday morning, and then you on Sunday night. It's such an encouragement and faithful testimony to us and to our children to see that you aren't using this trial as an excuse. We know that you can't always come, but we are so glad to see you all. Love Amy
Remember II Corinthians 10:5

Janelle & Ella said...

Yea! Thank you Lord for continual joy and cheerfulness in Ethan! Father, I pray against any infection that could happen where his port is. And I pray that you will provide the perfect match for Ethan's bone marrow transplant. We thank you for Your continued healing!