Sunday, April 19, 2009

prayer request - alana feliciano

----------- update ----------
The organ arrived later than planned at Mt. Sinai in NYC, so Alana's surgery was delayed until 2:30 this afternoon. She's currently in surgery now, and the procedure is a 10 to 14 hour surgery. Please be in prayer for the doctors as they work and for Alana's body to cooperate.
A few weeks ago, I posted this prayer request for the Feliciano family.

You may remember, they were on their way from Connecticut to NYC for their newly adopted daughter's bowel transplant. However, 1/2 way there, they got a call from the hospital that the organ had died and the family had to turn around and go back home. Well, this morning at 1:00, her family got the call that another organ was ready for her. Alana was in the hospital here in Connecticut, so she and her mom, Hope, were taken by ambulance to NYC and are there now. Alana (about 2 years old) is scheduled to have bowel transplant surgery today at 11:30. I spoke to Hope this morning and I understood the fearful hope she had in her voice. She will be in NYC with her daughter for 6 to 8 weeks, just as I was with Ethan in Boston. I know this will not always be an easy time for her... but even harder as she has three kids at home that she will not be able to care for or be part of their daily lives. We desperately want to trust the Lord in situations like this, but sometimes fear and worry get the best of us. Please pray the Lord's peace and strength over Hope and her husband today. Pray for wisdom and precision for the surgeons. Pray for Alana's body to accept the new organ. And pray for her overall healing.

As soon as I have an address for them at the hospital in New York, I will post it here. I know from experience how sweet it is to receive encouragement from friends and strangers that are lifting us up to the Lord. You folks are some of the sweetest in the world, and I know she'd likewise benefit from your kindness.

I'll keep you posted...

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Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

What a sweet baby boy you have and love the pictures. Just went back and read some of your story and will be back again soon....Would love for you to stop by and vist me..