Monday, April 6, 2009

headed to boston today

Please pray for Ethan's appointment today. We leave in just a minute to head out to see his doctor in Boston for his routine check up. Pray for his blood work to be easily drawn, for his panic to subside quickly & that his blood counts will be great! During this appointment we will also find out the protocol/procedure for Ethan's transition out of isolation. I'm very curious to know the game plan! And I have a lot of questions regarding various topics that I'm hoping can be resolved today as well. Please also pray for mine and Ethan's safety as we drive... it's supposed to be raining all day. And selfishly, I really don't want the 2 hour drive (each way) delayed by weather or traffic. Thanks so much! I'll let you know tomorrow how everything turned out!

I can't express enough how much your prayers for us during each of his doctor's visits always mean to me.

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Lorri said...

praying as you asked!