Wednesday, March 11, 2009

prayer request

Can you pray with me about Ethan's rash on his face? I know so many of you have been covering this issue in your prayers anyway, but I just wanted to ask (again) for some specific prayer requests....

We're doing a "trial and error" treatment on his face, and of course, the treatment I used last night made his sweet face horrible this morning. Hundreds of red bumps, very red eyes (lower/upper eye lids) and red inflamed skin all along his forehead, cheeks and neck.

It's a VERY long story, but he's had some worse issues come up in his diaper area, leading me to believe that part of his rash issues might be contributed by yeast.... since he's on a daily antibiotic. SOOOO, if my theory is correct, which it seems it might be since the anti-fungal cream (nystatin) that I've been using in his diaper seems to be working, then there could be other areas of such a yeast rash on other parts of his body. The tricky (and frustrating!) part is that he has a potential of 4 different rashes on different parts of his body that all need specific treatment, BUT are also on top of each other in same areas of his skin, so one necessary treatment irritates another aspect of a DIFFERENT rash!

Excuse me while I let out a muffled scream.

Ok, thank you... I'm back.

Anyway, bottom line, it hurts me to see Ethan's skin suffer. Especially his face, eyes, arms and sensitive areas. One treatment seems to work on part of the problem, and then makes the other "rash" even worse. He sees his Connecticut doc again on Monday.... I'm praying she has some different insight than Ethan's Boston doc may have had.

His eyes.... and his face...... makes me so sad. And oh my his diaper area! You should have seen that 2 days ago. He was in physical pain anytime I had to change his diaper. I'm so thankful the Lord gave me the idea that it could have been a yeast rash that had been developing. He used to get them frequently before his transplant (though not this bad!). It's still not great, but it seems to slowly be getting better.

Anyway, I'm rambling now... at least I am in my head.... so I'll just simply ask that you pray for his skin - ALL of the types of rashes attacking him - and that I (and/or the doctor) will better understand how to treat them all.

Thank you, sweet friend.


Things could always be worse. I do know that. And I'm thankful they aren't. I also know that I need chocolate & a diet dr. pepper... Thank you, Lord they are both only a few steps away!

p.s. - Oh yeah, and I wanted to say thank you to the advice some of you left me before. The aquaphor has been great on the cracks in/behind his ears and in his toes, and sometimes works on his forehead. But when I put it on his face, it seems to have a "pore-clogging" effect. I'm not sure what that's about... but probably means he's got eczema on some of his face, but not all of it. Who knows, but keep any advice coming. I know Ethan's skin is a little different than most because of his transplant issues, but I'm willing to try anything to make that sweet skin happy again!


Jennifer Wiser said...

Hey Kasey,

Oh my - I know exactly what you are facing - we've faced those same issues in the past. We have a few dry spots right now on Alex's face - as we wean - but nothing like what we used to face. Alex also had a yeast infection that spread last year or so - it was awful. I bought over the counter but through the pharmacist a cream for his dipaer area that did WONDERS - I CAN'T SAY ENOUGH ABOU it -its called Triple Paste (it was $30 - but for a huge tub of it)- it really helped clear up his sore bottom which was yeast and I used nystatin too - but i thought it was also a severe diaper rash on top of it making it so much more sore and irratible. Maybe this would work in conjunction with the nystatin. Praying for you always!

Lorri said...

this may sound crazy, but research about using plain yogurt directly on his skin...I think I heard about that once...certainly, if you do try it, make sure it doesn't sting him before you spread it on.

I'm praying for his sweet baby skin!

Love, Lorri S.

Anonymous said...

Will Ethan eat yogurt? That is the only food Lydia loves. I am so thankful for it since the cultures go nuts in her little system. One of the other infant leukemia moms who's babe went to transplant said that she would mix culturelle in with food or drink to keep the yeast at bay. Seattle didn't want me to use it, but was pro yogurt. So I stuff it in her and she is all giggles. Even still yeast can creep up with their little immune systems and all the bactrim.

Auntie Jo said...

We are praying for Ethan's rash and health.

Our love & prayers go out to all three of you.


Auntie Jo

sara said...

Just wanted you to know that I've been thinking about you all and praying for you - especially Ethan's rashes. May you have a blessed weekend!
Love and prayers,
Sara R.