Tuesday, March 3, 2009

boston, rescheduled

Well, yes, our Boston doctor's appointment that was scheduled for Monday was rescheduled for tomorrow (Wednesday) due to our snow storm. But it sure was a nice day at home! Adam had taken the day off to go with us to Boston, and since we didn't go, the three of us had a fun/relaxing day at home. Speaking of Adam, many of you have asked about his hand. Thank you for asking and shame on me for not updating sooner! His hand is doing remarkably better. He no longer needs to go to physical therapy - as long as he maintains the exercises on his own - which he is! He's gaining more ability and control of his index finger, and though it's not perfect and he still has certain limitations, we know that over time, it will be as good as new.

Anyhoo, back to our rescheduled appointment. Ethan and I will leave bright and early in the morning for his check up. His rash is still quite noticeable and not as "gone" as I would have liked it to be.... but I trust the Lord knows and is in the process. You may remember that this will be Ethan's first doctor's visit since having his central line removed. Which means, this will be his first visit in which they will have to find a vein in his arm or hand to draw blood for his blood work. In all honesty, I'm not looking forward to this for several reasons, but my biggest concern (and prayer request) is that they will have no problems drawing the blood the FIRST time and that they will get all that they need without having to re-stick him. I know Ethan will HATE this process (he throws a fit when he's restrained, and myself and a nurse will have to restrain him to keep him still).... so, if you could also pray that this would be as comfortable & painless as possible for him, it would be a big help to my sanity today!

And of course, we want all of his blood counts and labs to come back perfect!! Oh yeah, and pray that the doctor has wisdom in assessing Ethan's rash and what needs to be done about his medication weaning schedule.

Have I mentioned that I couldn't get through all of this process without you and your sweet prayers for us???? Well, I couldn't! And the Lord knows it.... that's why He lead you here.... that's a sweet thought, huh?

And it's true.


Stephanie said...

Hoping and praying that all goes well, Kasey!

Hollie said...

Praying for your trip tomorrow! And praying they can get blood the first try! You guys are always in my thoughts! Hugs!

Dave and Elaine said...

Praying for tomorrow. Praying they find a vien the first time and get all they need. Poor baby (and mommy!) Praying against that rash still.

Following Him said...

Thinking of you all right now as you are probably preparing for today's big trip to Boston. Hang in there and prayers coming your way!