Tuesday, February 17, 2009

central line update

Ethan's doctor appointment went well yesterday - all of his counts from his blood work came back great (praise the Lord!!)! And, I was able to show the doctor the terrible issues we are having with Ethan's central line (tubing coming out of his chest) and how awful the skin around the bandage has become. The soonest appointment we could get to have the line removed is tomorrow afternoon. I'm very excited about this! However, I'm nervous too.... because his surgery is set for late tomorrow afternoon, and he cannot eat after 9:00 tomorrow morning. This is not going to be pleasant.... It's a simple surgery to remove the tubes, but anesthesia is still necessary. We'd be grateful for your prayers for his frustration while he can't eat, as well as your prayers for the actual procedure. It will be so nice to have his chest free and clear of any tubes and finally be able to dress him in normal shirts - AND - give him a full bath!! We've only been able to sponge bathe him so as to not get the bandaged area wet... but soon we can splish-splash all we want!!

Thank you for your prayers for us tomorrow (Wednesday)!


Fundraiser said...

Awesome news. God is working his miracles everyday!
We continue to pray for Ethan and you & Adam!

Auntie Joann

Marge said...


mmoore said...

Kasey, Not sure if you remember me but I went to DBU and was in your dorm hall our freshman year. I was Monica Romo then. I am still in contact with Linsey and she included me in prayer request email she sent out for little Ethan when he was diagnosed. I was pregnant at the time and was crushed by the news of what you were going through. At the time we hadn't found out if we were having a girl or boy but we had chosen the name Ethan if we had a boy. Well, we had a girl so I just knew that God gave me a little Ethan to pray for since I would be having Ava. My prayers have been with you and your little man ever since. I have been following your blog but haven't gotten the chance to comment because getting to read the blog is about all I get the time for while taking care of my little peanut. (Check out my blog at www.monicamoore.tumblr.com).

So, all that said...I am amazed by your strength, honesty, and steadfast faith. You are an incredible Woman of God!!! Ethan is blessed to have such an incredible mom.

I will continue to pray for you, your hubby and of course Ethan. He is so precious! I love the pics you just posted :)

FalkFamily said...

I am praying for this! It's like one more step towards the finish line! Just wait for the wet towels on the floor because you can't get him to stop splashing!