Thursday, January 8, 2009

well my goodness...

Wow! You guys came out of the wood work on this one! Thank you so much for all the wonderful advice. I knew you were out there with your wealth of knowledge and information. And I must say, I've never been more thrilled to go diaper shopping in my life! Testing some of these wonderful theories is my project for this weekend. Oh, and I had just recently started pointing "it" down - which did help a little, but wasn't always fool proof... however, I think that partnering that tip with a good diapering regimen could produce victory!

I will let you know how it goes. Fingers crossed everyone!

p.s. - By the way, I enjoyed reading all your comments and emails. And some of you I've just "met" for the first time, which was fun for me. Oh, and I just have to say that I loved the calorie comment that said, after you consume a certain amount of calories in a 24 hour period, then your body just doesn't absorb anymore. Ah... Bliss!

Thanks again! You guys are the best.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Kasey,
I use the Huggies Overnight Diapers. I don't think they sell them in Target but they are at the grocery store.

Take Care,
Nicole Rosario