Tuesday, December 16, 2008

time for an update on my boys again

Thank you so much for your prayers over us. They are certainly being put to good use and I can't thank you enough for your kindness!

My hubby (Adam) is adjusting to life with one fully functioning arm. He's quite a trooper, himself... I see where Ethan gets it from. He has started physical therapy, and though it's painful, he knows that successful therapy will significantly decrease the chance he would need a second surgery. The primary damage is to his index finger, but obviously it has affected the use of his whole hand. He has to wear a fairly large splint, that covers his hand and his wrist, as added protection... but like I said, he's learning to adjust. Thank you for praying for his healing!

As for Ethan, his appointment in Boston yesterday was fairly uneventful - which is GREAT! That means that all of his blood counts and levels were good and we got to go home for another week! His electrolytes (potassium and sodium) are still hovering on the borderline, but they haven't crossed over into needing any action/intervention, so that's a blessing to my heart right now. His rash is still with us, however, my main concern was how it was irritating his eyes and I must tell you that almost instantly his eyes cleared up the day I asked you all to pray. Thank you, Lord!

I've actually decided to take a different outlook on this rash situation. It's annoying to me, but it doesn't appear to really bother our little man too much (now that his eyes are under control), and according to the doctor, this type of rash is extremely normal after an umbilical cord blood transplant. It can be mild to severe, but it's just his body accepting and getting used to the new cells. And when I think of it that way, I'm reminded of the on-going miracle at work inside Ethan's little body. So in an odd way, the rash is a visual aide to help me remember what is going on "behind the scenes"... and really, how precious it all is. I would still like the rash to go away, obviously, but while it's taking up residence on his sweet skin, anytime I feel annoyed at it or how often I have to put topical cream all over him, I'll instead think about what the rash means.... he has new blood flowing through his once cancer-filled body.... he's alive and strong.... his body is working.... God is working.

When I look at it that way, I've never seen more beautiful red patches in all my life.


sara said...

Praise the Lord for answers to prayer! We'll be cheering for Adam as he keeps up with his PT; and praising the Lord with you as you look at your sweet baby boy's rash and remember the miracles that you all have had a chance to witness. Thank you for sharing with us!
Love and prayers,
Sara & family

Lorri said...

loving your last sentence!
eyes of faith see such beautiful things! Thanks for the update!

Courtney said...

Praise the Lord for your two wonderful boys! Have a wonderful Christmas with little miracle. I will continue to pray for your whole family and can't wait to see what the Lord has in store for your family!

Still Praying in Kentucky

RejoicingComet said...

Like Lorri said, I love that last sentence! It brought tears to my eyes.
Learning to see things as God's hand at work is a beautiful thing. Thanks for sharing that beauty with us!