Monday, December 1, 2008

prayer, please

Just a quick reminder to ask for your continued prayers - especially today. Adam has an appointment this afternoon with the hand surgeon to find out the details of his injury (in case you didn't see the post below, Adam cut open his hand, from his index finger down to his thumb - down to the bone and cut an artery and a myriad of nerves on Thanksgiving morning... neither his hand or his arm are functional right now). Pray the doctor is thorough and wise in his assessment of Adam's recovery and "next steps". Pray for quick & easy healing of his hand! We're very thankful the wound remained stable with the 18 stiches, over the weekend. Please also be in prayer for me and Ethan's visit to Boston today. Ethan has struggled with a low-grade fever all weekend (leaving me worried that I'd be having to take him to the ER at any given moment!) and his now month-long rash continues to spread in random places over his face/head/abdomen/arms/legs. He's also been refusing to take his necessary "by mouth" meds lately, making things quite difficult.

And... if you have any prayers left... say a prayer for my sanity.


huntsouth said...

Lots of prayers left, Kasey, and, Jesus never runs out of them. Look for the great things that our mighty God will do for you today!
Loving you and praying for you!
Amy Hunt

Hollie said...

Gosh, are on my mind during this stressful day! Sending lots of prayers and hugs your way!!

Anonymous said...

You are so definitely in my prayers today. I am praying for you now as tears are running down my face. (Not a good thing at work)
Please keep us posted on news of Adam and Ethan. I'm not worried about your sanity - The Lord has you in His care. You'll be fine.
Chris Bennett

Megan said...

We will be praying for you all. I am so sorry to hear about Adam's hand, it sounds so painful. We will pray for Adam's hand to heal quickly and for Ethan's rash and fever to go away. God Bless you also, we always pray for you to stay strong and healthy.

Trisha Barnie said...

Kasey ... we have spoken in email... and I have lost your email will you email me so that I can show you what I made ...