Sunday, September 7, 2008

three things

I wanted to share my devotional entry from today. Again, it's from Streams in the Desert, by Mrs. Charles E. Cowman and it is as follows:

"God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble" (Ps. 46:1).
The question often comes, "Why didn't He help me sooner?" It is not His order. He must first adjust you to the trouble and cause you to learn your lesson from it. His promise is, "I will be with him in trouble; I will deliver him and honor him." He must be with you in the trouble first all day and all night. Then He will take you out of it. This will not come till you have stopped being restless and fretful about it and become calm and quiet. Then He will say, "It is enough." God uses trouble to teach His children precious lessons. They are intended to educate us. When their good work is done, a glorious recompense will come to us through them. There is a sweet joy and a real value in them. He does not regard them as difficulties but as opportunities. -- Selected.
We once heard a simple old man say something that we have never forgotten: "When God tests you, it is a good time for you to test Him by putting His promises to the proof, and claiming from Him just as much as your trials have rendered necessary." There are two ways of getting out of a trial. One is to simply try to get rid of the trial, and be thankful when it is over. The other is to recognize the trial as a challenge from God to claim a larger blessing than we have ever had, and to hail it with delight as an opportunity of obtaining a larger measure of Divine grace. Thus even the adversary becomes an auxiliary, and the things that seem to be against us turn out to be for the furtherance of our way. Surely, this is to be more than conquerors through Him who loved us. -- A. B. Simpson
Second, I have an update on little Kevelyn. The foster baby of the Feliciano family that I have mentioned here before. She's the little toddler that is in need of both an intestine and liver transplant. However, the update is that she has still not been added to the transplant lists because paperwork from Mt Sinai Hospital and DCF (since as a foster child, she is still under the state's care) are still not completed. Keep in mind that Hope and Cesar are at the same time trying to adopt this little girl. She had to endure some unexpected complications over the weekend, resulting in another surgery to replace her central line. Pray for this adorable little girl's situation, but please also pray for strength & peace to the Feliciano family as they have 3 older children in high school and college, and two younger children under the age of 6, not including little Kevelyn.
And though each of these mentions could easily stand on their own for a days post, I wanted to also share something with you that has weighed heavily on my heart as of late. So... my final entry for today goes something like this...
I have long kept a prayer journal. Ever since I can remember, I've kept a journal of my prayers, prayer requests, poems or anything that I was feeling/thinking. Always with the intention that it was my private conversation with God. I guess this blog has taken over as my "prayer journal" right now, however, not quite as private. Though, I don't mind. I've always considered my life a sort of open book to some degree. If I've gone through something that could help someone else, then so be it. And then how thankful that makes me feel for having had to go through whatever it was I went through (say that 5 times real fast!). And at this particular time, I feel as though the Lord would have me share this journey with you anyway, so you're all invited in to read this ongoing prayer journal of mine. However, I do miss my old-fashioned journal. The actual "writing". Pen and paper reflections. But it doesn't make sense to me to re-write in a journal the same things I've written here... who has time for something like that anyway. And I don't enjoy redundancy. But, it has been on my mind to start another journal and I've felt very strongly that this particular journal (it's right here next to me, a sweet gift from a sweet group of ladies) should be about YOU. You've been so kind to take each of our prayer requests and add them into your prayer lives and I would be honored if you'd allow me the same opportunity.
So, this is your assignment. Email me. Email me as often as you'd like....with your own prayer requests and prayer needs. Nothing is too small (aka: my son needs new shoes for school and we can't afford them, I lost my cell phone and it has all my information in it, etc.) and nothing is too big (aka: I lost my job a month ago and if I don't get a new job by tomorrow, I will lose my house... etc.). And please don't be tempted to think that because of the situation we are in, your situation or need is any less important or valid. It all matters. And whatever is on your plate that seems difficult or impossible or anywhere in between... pray. And let me pray for you. Please. I have many pages in this journal over here that I'd love to fill up with your names and needs... and then you can let me know when that need was met and I'll go back and thank the Lord with you for the answer! And don't worry, I won't "publish" your requests on this blog. It will be for only my eyes and the Lords.
So do it. Do it now. Do it once or every week if you need to. But email me and let me pray for you, as you have prayed for us. Nothing... nothing is too small. Here ya go...
I'm waiting to hear from you, dear friend...


FalkFamily said...

You are quite honestly one of the most amazing women I know (or at least know through your blog!) When I think of the trials you are enduring and how not one of us would judge you if all you could think about was yourself and your precious child, but here you are asking us what we need. I am moved to tears. I have no words. I hope someday that you and Adam and Ethan might make it out to Seattle to visit the Corbins and I can finally meet you all. I see the light of God shining through you - there is no mistaking it.

As always I consider it a great privilege to pray for your little family and for complete healing for Ethan.

With much love -

Megan said...

Oh Kasey, you made me cry. I am so blessed to be apart of your life and journey. I wish I lived closer to you so we could actually meet and I could give you a giant hug. Thank you for your request for our prayer requests. I am sure there will be times we will use your email address. You have no idea how much your request means to me and I am sure a whole lot of other people. I pray you all have a wonderful day and you had a good nights rest. Lots of hugs sent your way.
God Bless,

Honea Household said...

You are an amazing woman! I so wish I could meet you.