Tuesday, September 16, 2008

looks like we are going home

Ethan's blood counts are at 900 today! That makes 3 days in a row that his ANC level was above 500, so we are able to be discharged on Friday! It still hasn't fully settled in that we will actually be leaving in 3 days.... after being away from Adam day in and day out during the week, being away from the comforts of home and all my normal routines for SEVEN WEEKS... well, needless to say, I am ready.

As it stands right now, as long as Ethan doesn't spike a fever or need daily blood transfusions, we will be able to bypass the Ronald McDonald House and go directly home on Friday. I am thrilled about that! We will return to Boston on Monday morning for Ethan's outpatient clinic visit, and that will continue a couple of times a week (only about a 2 hour drive), until his care is fully transitioned back to Connecticut Childrens Hospital. I don't mind the drive if it means we can be back home as a family.

Please be in prayer for this transition as there will be many adjustments we will face over the next few days, weeks and months. Please be in prayer for Ethan as we will need to keep a watchful eye over him and his health as his immune system continues to heal and rebuild itself over this next year. There are a million small things I could ask you to pray for, but it may be best to sum it up by asking you to join me in asking that the Lord would continue His favor and protection over Ethan's body.

I'm a bit reclusive and quiet today. Maybe just trying to process everything. But I want you to know that your prayers and encouragement have gotten me through some hard days over the past 5 months. Your prayers have penetrated Heaven's gates and God has honored your plea(s) on our behalf. You will never know how much you have blessed mine, Adam's and especially, Ethan's life. I thank you so much for walking with us this long, and I'd be honored if you'd keep going. Our journey is not yet finished. There is still a long road ahead... potential trials regarding Ethan's health in other ways... but overall, I pray cancer would not have permission to re-enter Ethan's life. Ever.

Thank You for redemption, Lord. Thank You for restoration.


FalkFamily said...

Praise God! Praise God! Thank you Lord for this sweet blessing - the latest in a string of them! Kasey, You can't get rid of us so easily - know that my family will still be walking this journey with you all. We will still pray for His favor and protection over Ethan in the coming days as you prepare to go home and in the coming year.

Jurczyk Family said...

Hi Kasey and Adam,

That is such great news!!! I hope Ethan's counts continue to grow, so you can be discharged on Friday and be in the comfort of your home. We will continue to pray for Ethan, and his speedy recovery.


The Jurczyk Family

Collegegirl said...

Oh my goodness! God is so good! I am so excited that you all will be able to go home soon!!! This is a miracle!!! You are in my thoughts and prayers! Hang in there and you will be home before ya know it!!!

Lucinda said...

I said it before and I'll say it again - "This is the LORD's doing: it is marvelous in our eyes." Psalm 118:23

God is SO good! Still keeping you guys before the throne of grace.


sara said...

Praise the Lord! My boys are going to be soo excited to hear the news! We will continue to pray for Ethan, Adam and you as you get ready to readjust to family life outside the hospital setting. Our love and prayers are with you, and will coninue to be!
Love the Rockensock's

Lizzie Fish said...

what beautiful words!!! i am so happy to hear that you three will be able to have tuesdays.

we are so excited for you and so thankful for the miracles taking place in ethan's little body!

love from the bayou
the fischers

Anonymous said...

Kasey--we are soooo happy for you all!! We will be praying that Ethan remains fever free and that all the new transitions will be smooth! It is truly amazing to see God's hand so evident in this situation. We love and miss you all. Love, Molly

Lenore said...

HI Kasey Bell!!!

I am so happy for all of you. I jsut talked to Julia and we are thrilled!

As alway you and Adam and Ethan are in my thoughts and prayers!



Kelly Benjamin said...

What fabulous news!!! I am so glad that we came to see him in Boston..It was special to all of us. Give Ethan hugs and kisses from TEXAS!!

Dave and Elaine said...

Oh how exciting!!! I will continue to pray and just because you are going home doesn't mean I'll stop coming daily to your blog! I'll pray for God's continued protection over Ethan's body and a smooth transition back to home.

Moz and Pam said...

What wonderful news! Praise God! It's so exciting to see a miracle in progress, isn't it?! God is faithful! Enjoy your homegoing! I'm sure you're ecstatic! I know I am! So happy for you 3!

Megan said...

Thank you Lord!!! I am just so happy for you guys that I could just cry like a baby right now. I want to jump up and down and give you all hugs. We will continue to pray for everything you all need. Praise our King, I am in awh!
God Bless!

Hollie said...

Thank you, Lord! Kasey, I am so thrilled for all three of you. You will always be in our thoughts and prayers!! I have tears in my eyes I am so excited right now...He is so good!


Lorri said...

Congratulations Baby Ethan!
You'll sleep better at HOME and so will your Mama!

Thanking God with you, Lorri

huntsouth said...

Happy Day of many happy days in which the Lord is always the same-ever faithful to accomplish His wonderful will!
Let the joy of the Lord strengthen you for the daily tasks ahead!
We are praising the Lord with you and for you!
The Hunt family is so happy!
Love, all of us

Marge said...




frog mom said...

Definitely doing a happy dance here!! So very thrilled for you and will continue to pray.


SKC said...

This is fantastic!!!
Thank you, Lord. Our prayers will continue to be with you.

Anonymous said...

I am so thrilled, as we walk this road together, miles apart. I am not leaving your side as you transition home. It can be extremely overwhelming and sleep depriving. I have lost more sleep being at home than in the hospital, but sleep will come soon.

Friends and family of Ethan please pray for Kasey, as she transitions to unbelievably taxing nursing duties for Ethan when she gets home. Kasey, you will do great!


Anonymous said...

Kasey, so very excited for you, Adam and Ethan. There is no place like home. We will continue to pray Ethan stays strong. Praising the Lord and rejoicing with you.Love and miss you. Love Megan P

Jennifer Powers said...


This is awesome news. I'm so excited for your sweet family. I will continue to pray for Ethan's complete healing and for your family as you get settled in back at home.

God Bless,

Anonymous said...

I couldn't help but think of a song I sing with my grandchildren.
"My God is so big, so strong, and so mighty
There's nothing my God cannot do!"
Rejoicing with you because of His mercy, faithfulness, power and love.

Hugs and sloppy kisses,
Mary P