Monday, September 22, 2008

catching up...

What a busy couple of days! But... it's been so good. Where do I begin....
Well, got home Friday evening to a wonderful surprise of balloons and a "welcome home" banner (thanks to our sweet friends Mike and Carrie) positioned perfectly outside our front door and on our porch. What a fun way to arrive at home, as a family, for the first time in a long time. Friday night went well. Ethan was not at all used to his surroundings. He seemed confused as he looked around the living room and the kitchen... and not quite settled into his "new" environment, but we got through it... and we all had a very good night of sleep!

Saturday I got to run some errands - which was terrific! Driving around, being busy doing things that weren't hospital related. Adam stayed home with Ethan and did a great job of giving him his afternoon medications, which enabled me to just get out for a while (he is such a great dad, by the way!). Ethan still wasn't quite used to being home and all the additional stimuli. But we got through the day, and tried to make him as comfortable as possible.

Sunday morning my sweetheart made my favorite breakfast and surprised me with an hour long massage appointment later in that afternoon (have I mentioned yet how terrific he is??). He even stayed home with Ethan that night so that I could go to church again after being away for so long. I have to say, there is something very sweet about the fellowship of other believers. Ethan was extra tired this day. Not extremely active, but instead wanting to be cuddled and rest. It is either a result of his recovery process or the fact that his two lower teeth are wanting to pop through... or a combination of both. But never a fever and never any other area of concern. He took his medicines very well, AND the shots I have to give him in the leg have been a breeze (thank you for praying!).
We had an appointment today back in Boston for our little man's first outpatient visit at the Dana-Farber/Jimmy Fund Clinic. We had to wake Ethan up at 5:30 this morning to get him fed and ready for our 2 hour drive. He is soooo good in the car. He either plays with his toys or sleeps! Since he can't be in "public", as soon as we got to the clinic they took us back to a room. They drew his blood and we waiting to see what the results would be. And praise the Lord, because so far everything looks good. He did NOT need a transfusion of red cells, which is wonderful! And everything else looked good except that he needed a transfusion of platelets, which in the scope of all there is to be "worried" about, a simple transfusion of platelets was very relieving! All in all, we were there at the clinic for about 5 hours - not including the 2 hour drive up there, and the 2 hour drive back (these appointments take a very long time... for various reasons), but we at the end of it all, we got to come back home - so it's all worth it!

Our next appointment in Boston is on Thursday. I'd appreciate your continued prayers against Ethan getting any infection, fever or severe signs of GVHD. If the future appointments go as easy as it did today, it would be a huge blessing.

Oh, and speaking of the Jimmy Fund Clinic, the Jimmy Fund Walk, that you so generously donated towards, was yesterday. I'm so thrilled to announce that $3,325 was raised in honor of Ethan's Journey. I'm at a loss for words in trying to express our gratitude for your generosity. As you know, we were discharged to go home on Friday and Ethan can't be around anyone other than myself and Adam, so unfortunately weren't able to have anyone come to the house and stay with him, therefore Adam and I weren't able to participate in the walk this year. We initially thought Ethan would still be in the hospital, making it easier for us to get away for a couple of hours. Have no fear, though! My parents were ready and willing to step in and take our place with their own walking shoes! My mom was able to represent me and walk in my place and my dad was able to represent Adam and walk in his place. They even arranged for Ethan's name to be broadcast over the loud speaker twice! It was such a great day and they did us proud with their excitement and involvement in all the festivities. Thank YOU for helping to make such a special day possible. I can't wait to see all the pictures, but in the mean time, they sent us a couple of shots they took at the registration tent. Adam and I cannot wait to go next year!

All things considered, this has been a very nice couple of days. I have much more to say, but my husband's ready to eat! So I'll be in touch again tomorrow.... I still greatly covet your prayers as we continue to get adjusted to our "new normal", and for Ethan's recovery. Thank you for being so kind to us...


Lorri said...

Praising God with you.
So glad you are HOME!

Love, Lorri

FalkFamily said...

So thankful for today's good news with the blood work and that you are home. I will continue to pray for Ethan's overall health and all the specifics. I'm also praying that the little man gets used to being home where he belongs!

huntsouth said...

Praise the Lord for these happy days.
Fall is in the air and you are home with your little pumpkin! God bless you as you settle in for all of the toddler excitement ahead!!Love, the Hunts

Mandy said...

I haven't been able to stop by yet to say "YEAH" for you being home! So glad to hear things are going as well as they can in your situation. I pray that God will continue to help you view this trial through His perspective & to keep shining so brightly for Him.

The Kahler Family said...

What a blessing that things are going well with your return home and that Ethan is doing so well!
God is so good!

Megan said...

I've been dying to hear from you to see how you all are doing. I am so glad to hear how well things are going considering the situation. I am so thankful for your hospital visit today, it sounds like it couldn't of gone any better. Your husband sounds like a wonderful man, I am so happy you have him, you both are very lucky! Of course we will not stop praying, we are with you for the whole journey!!!!
God Bless you. Have a wonderful week at home and we will pray for things to continue to go as good or as better as they already are.

Janelle and Ella said...

Yeah! This is a great update!! I'm so glad to read that you are home and doing well!

Deedra Linder said...

Casey, I am so thankful to read the good reports! It's been a while since I've been able to check in, but the ladies of our church have been praying for Ethan, you, and Adam. I can't wait to share the good news with them!

Still praying!
God Bless You,
Deedra Linder (and Emalie)

Carrie Comstock said...

What a GREAT post! It made my heart swell. Good stuff.

Continuing to pray!

Anonymous said...

Krawiec family- So very happy you are back home. Praise the Lord for the successful outpatient visit. Also, many prayers for the future of Ethan. God bless your family (I assume you know He has already started). Hope you all come visit Emmanuel Christian Academy soon... Junior from ECA.

Elizabeth said...

Prasing GOD with you. What a great post! I'm so glad to read that you are home with ur family!!
Elizabeth & Family