Friday, August 22, 2008

thank you!

Adam and I want to express our EXTREME gratitude to each of you who have made a donation for our participation in the Jimmy Fund Walk! I still can't believe that by mid-afternoon yesterday, the financial goals that we both set for ourselves, had not only been met, but had been exceeded! In just a matter of hours!! Your continued generosity and kindness toward us and Ethan... well, it often leaves me speechless... just as it did again today. Adam and I receive an email each time a new donation was made, and we got to see each of your lovely names! Thank you.... from the bottom of our hearts.... thank you! We are so excited!!

Thank you also to those of you who have sent gifts to us. The blankets, cards, books, gift cards.... every bit of it has been so special to us. I hope to reach out to you individually soon to thank you personally, but in the mean time, please accept this general note of appreciation for thinking of us in such generous and thoughtful ways.

More exciting news:

1. Ethan's line contamination has cleared up! Thank you so much for praying. He had to get blood drawn from his arm twice this week, but that's it. Going forward they can go back to drawing blood from his central line again. This is such a blessing. Thank you, Lord!

2. Ethan is still not showing significant signs of pain! There have been a few times that I have requested him to get a half dose of pain medication (morphine is what they give transplant patients who experience pain) if he seems extra restless or irritable - just to take the edge off. But he's not needed anything more than that occasional help AND still no signs of mouth sores... which means he is STILL eating like a champ! THIS IS TRULY UNBELIEVABLE because they continue to tell us that NO ONE EVER EATS THROUGH TRANSPLANT because of the significant pain. However our little man is blowing those statistics out of the water. He eats 'round the clock! You don't know how much this, in particular, has blessed my heart. Thank you so much for praying for this area. Lord, You've been so gracious! Everyone is amazed at this blessing. Thank You for that sweet, sweet gift. In faith, believing in Your goodness, I ask this specific protection would not change in the coming weeks.

He is doing so, so, so, so, so great! I wish you could see him. He's so perfectly natural and easy-going. No signs of frailty, no signs of weakness, no signs of a lethargic personality... he is strong, he is lively, he is healthy. Yes, healthy. We have every reason to believe his cancer is gone and these new cells will come in and grow strong and vibrant. It will still be a few more weeks before we start to see the new cells grow, but I don't have to see those cells to know that God is giving us what we have asked of Him.

Tomorrow is Ethan's 7 month "birthday". I cannot believe how grown up our little baby has become. He has changed and blessed our lives in ways we don't even know yet. My cup runneth over...

1 Chronicles 16:9 - Sing to Him, sing praise to Him; tell of all His wonderful acts.

2 Samuel 22:50 - Therefore I will praise you, O LORD, among the nations; I will sing praises to your name.


Julie said...


kimweber said...

"Lord, Thank you so....much for blessing this baby boy and this wonderful little family. Your power is evident in this situation and all the praise goes to YOU, LORD. Praise You Lord. Amen"
Kasey and Adam, We are honored to be a part of this prayer family, and will be honored to help the Jimmy Fund in Ethans honor. I will pray for Ethan's continued healing and comfort as God has provided to this point!! Wow.
Love you, Kim

Moz and Pam said...

Praise the Lord for answered prayer!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He is faithful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Rejoicing with you!!!!!!!!!

Hollie said...

Praise God, Praise God, Praise God! I am so excited to hear the great updates! HE is good!

Carrie Comstock said...

What great news about his line being clear!!