Monday, August 18, 2008


I happened to look at my hands today. I mean really look at them. Aside from the fact that they are in desperate need of a manicure, my hands - for just a moment - took on a whole new identity to me today.

These hands have been with me from the day I was born. I know what you're thinking..."Hello, Captain Obvious!". But bear with me for a minute.

These hands have been with me for almost 28 years. They helped me hold on tight to the merry-go-round when I was in 1st grade, and scared to death that I was going to fall off. They reached up for help when I fell down and broke my ankle in the 3rd grade. They've helped me write letters to friends in far away places, and they've helped me master my signature to where I finally felt it was "just perfect". My hands have opened books that have changed my life. They've hugged the necks of people that have held extremely special places in my heart. They've shaken the hands of famous authors, and have covered a sneeze on more than one occasion. They've wiped tears from my face and have played with my sister's hair. These hands have guided the cars that I've driven, opened doors, & helped me master the art of only making one trip into the house from the car, no matter how many bags I needed to carry. These hands are how I talk to my mom. My hands know how to move and sign the way they do, because of her. These hands were held by my dad the many times I wanted to run cross the street and the first time he let me sit in his lap to steer the car... only to later be held by my husband on the day of our wedding as we exchanged our vows.

My hands. They've always done important work for me. They've enabled me to fully engage in whatever it was I needed to do. And now? These same hands... my hands... are the hands of a mother. For some reason, that concept caused me to pause for a moment today. I'm a mom. His mom. And my hands take care of him in ways I never knew they'd have to. They don't question what they have to do, they simply do it, because they are the hands of his mother. They don't look like anything special. In fact, at this present moment, they are dry, cracked, and red from all that they have to go through for various parts of Ethan's care. Proof that I care. Yet regardless of their minor cuts and irritated skin.... he knows my hands. He knows their touch. They know how to hold him, how to comfort, & how to touch him. He knows the work that they do for him. I'm his mom.... he knows my hands.

I know His hands as well. The scars they had to endure to prove His love for me run much deeper. His hands know better than any other, how to hold and how to comfort. And the touch of His hands give healing... they give power. I know the work of His hands. He's my Lord; my God...

And I know His hands.


Carrie Comstock said...

So precious. Thank you for sharing.
With love and prayers...

Anonymous said...

Boy did I need to hear that today. Lets just say it was one of those days. Counting down the days till school starts.

Seriously I never really sat and thought about all the things my hands have done. What a beautiful way of writing and what a deep message its sends.

We will be praying for no more mistakes and that Ethans line will be able to take blood again soon.
Continued prayer for all of you. Love Sharan

Anonymous said...


Thank you so much for that simple truth. I drove four kids to New Hampshire today for a week of camp. I know the Lord kept us in His hands as we all arrived safely.

It is a concept that is so amazing I am not sure we can fully grasp it. But I am very thankful He wants to keep us in His hands for that is what is best.

We are priviledged to be able to pray for you and Ethan and to share in your sweet baby boys journey. Love, The Berard Family

a frog in my soup said...

I can only think of one thing to say ... AMAZING!!! You have touched my life today!!


bryana said...

beautiful! thank you!

Dave Dunbar said...

Dear Kasey,
Ethan has been on my daily Mass,Communion and prayer list fora long time;there he will remain. I picked up his lidting again tonigh, from MollyOCon's prayer list. You have all sorts of people praying for Ethan, Jesus told us to keep knocking on the door; that,we are certainly doing. Each day is a positive answer tous from Our Lord.
Peace and Love,
Dave Dunbar

Megan said...

Everytime I read something you wrote it reminds me about all things I've taken for granite. I never thought of my hands this way before until now, Wow! I really need to stop and stay in the moment and truly think about life and the very special people in it. I go go go and never stop to look around and I really need to before it is to late. I always walk away with something specail after reading your blog. How come I always feel you helping me when it is me wanting to help you? Thank you Kasey, you are such a special person. You truly are one of a kind. I am thankful for you, Adam and Ethan to of come in to my life. Always praying for you all.

Anonymous said...

Wow, that is so beautiful. Thank you for sharing with us the road you are going down. Praying for you in Nashville, TN.

Diedra said...

That was beautiful!

astep said...

The most beautiful thing I have read in a long time. You are such an inspiration as a mother. Ethan is so lucky to have you.

Hollie said...

You're amazing!

Janelle and Ella said...

These words will stay with me forever. I certainly have a new perspective!! This is one of the best analogies I have ever heard. God is doing so much through you during this time. You really should write a devotional.

Elizabeth said...

Wow, You're Amazing! Always praying for you all.
Elizabeth & Family

Jennifer Wiser said...

Dear Kasey,

I've been reading every day and was amazed at this post. You took something so simple, something that we all have and use, and made us really think about all that we have accomplished with the tools God has given us and even more, what we need to accomplish. Thank you for sharing and encouraging even in the midst of your struggles. I am praying fervently for you and Ethan as you spend your days/nights in the hospital. I've been reliving our time there and know all that comes with the hospital stays. So much going on and so much happening. Praying for the cells to begin doing their thing, for Ethan to stay free from infection, and for you both to get the rest you so need.
Love and Hugs from Michigan!

Audrey Enloe said...

oh my gosh. Kasey. You SERIOUSLY need to be a devotion writer, or a writer of some sort! You are such a blessing to others amidst your personal trials that you are going though. I love you girl. Kiss that sweet baby for me! Audrey

Anonymous said...

This is sooo amazingly good! Praying for you guys!!!

Jennifer Wiser said...

I was so happy to see your post today, and was smiling to see that we share something else in common. God is sure working on us isn't He? What a blessing you have been to me, and what a joy that we have come to know each other. I am confident that one day, we will meet in person and share some real joy and laughter as we watch our boys, our survivors, play and run together. I am praying now for you in another way as you also adjust to this other change in your lives.

Hugs for you!