Thursday, May 29, 2008

Third Round of Chemo

Thank you for your prayers for wisdom as we got readmitted today. I had a good conversation with Ethan's doctor and feel good about the plan of action for this round of chemo. His previous chemo treatments have consisted of one chemo medication. This time, we will be here about 8 or 9 days and he will get a total of three variations of chemotherapy while in the hospital. The one he's been getting, plus two others. This is necessary to help his spleen decrease in size (so they don't have to remove it) as well as to expose the leukemia cells to other medications so as to not build a resistance to the overall treatment.

One of the chemo meds that Ethan will be taking has a slight risk of damaging Ethan's good DNA cells and cause organ/nerve damage, so be in prayer that does not happen. The other chemo med puts his immune system at greater risk of infections (his body wouldn't be able to fight bacteria), so please be in prayer that no infection sets in and no fever surfaces. Of course, the last chemo medication is the same he's had before so pray for no mucositis (mouth sores) and no eye swelling. No additional rectal tears would be nice, too!

My prayer today as we were readmitted was that Ethan's body would remain strong during this next chemo session, and that the medications would only do good to him and not harm. And that we'd see a drastic change in the size of his spleen (smaller not bigger!) Thank you for joining us in those prayers!


Carrie Comstock said...

As always, praying with you...

Anonymous said...

yes i will pray for none of those nasty side effects. keep strong and know that more people than any of us know are bringing your family before the throne of the Almighty God daily.

Jennifer Wiser said...

Hi Kasey,
just stopped by tonight to see how this round of chemo is going for ethan. we've been praying multiple times daily for you all as you endure the hospital stay with Ethan. and mostly that God will protect Ethan from all those terrible side effects and just that the chemo will do what it needs to do.

Are you guys using a certain protocol to treat his JMML? At the time that Alex started treatment there were just two protocols available to choose from. We have just been thinking about you all and wondered about what chemo he was getting.

thinking of you always and praying that God's peace continues to surround you moment by moment. Also praying that life will continue to surprise you with sweet smiles, cheeky grins, the grasp of tiny fingers, the sweet smell of your baby, and the precious time God gives us each day - for we know not what tomorrow holds for any of us.

jen wiser
(alex's mommy)

kimweber said...

Praying for a pain free, worry free, bad side effect free chemo session. Lord keep that hedge about Ethan during this 8 - 9 days in the hospital, keep his body healthy and "boo-boo" free, give Kasey and Adam strength and peace over these next weeks. Shrink Ethans spleen, Lord and keep his blood counts where they need to be. Trusting You and You alone Lord. Amen.

Megan said...

We will pray for all those things plus more. We will also be praying for you and Adam. You should think about being a journalist, you word things so perfectly that while reading your blogs you actually take us to the moment. Thank you so much for allowing us to be with your family during these very difficult times. It is an honor to pray for Ethan and your family.